Praise. “A well-crafted page-turner that addresses the most important issue of our time. It will keep you reading well into the night.”—Vince Flynn “Berenson. Alex Berenson’s debut novel of suspense, The Faithful Spy, is a sharp, explosive The first spy thriller to grapple squarely with the complexities and terrors of. The Faithful Spy. Posted on August 20, by Alex Berenson. Release Date: April 25, Published: April 25, Buy: amazon · barnesandnoble.

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Thirty-three January 6, xlex I don’t like any visions – he effectively refuses to go onward. A haystack made of needles” p Apr 25, Pages Buy. There is some misrepresentation of Christianity and it’s teachings. And he has, with an ominous warning about an impending terrorist attack in a most prominent location in New York City. You have to leave questions unanswered.

He is disgusted by the leaders of al Qaeda, and he is equally disgusted by the leaders at the CIA. There’s a good, balanced tthe of religion throughout the book. Why a spy thriller specifically? At other times, the book treads well-worn cliches and touches upon old tropes.

Khadri nicknames attack ‘Yellow’ to John, for a target in downtown Manhattan.

The Faithful Spy

May 22, Jerome rated it it was amazing. I am convinced that Alex Berenson is every bit as good as the best of those who write fiction thrillers.


The CIA director is a laughable caricature in this first book, a bit painful in conception. I think New Yorkers feel terrorism a little berensn more viscerally than other Americans. It’s a wonderful scene, one of many Alex Berenson paints John Wells, our ‘faithful spy,’ so well that I could imagine sitting across the table with steaks and beers chatting about his life.

Akex if John can guess where and how, conscientious cops will flood his back with a fatal fusillade.

THE FAITHFUL SPY by Alex Berenson | Kirkus Reviews

John Wells is a deep, deep cover CIA agent. I happily clear two days when each of Berenson’s books come out. Berenson also use Wells as a vehicle to critique American culture. Wells must maneuver between these two poles of suspicion, all the while fighting to survive, preserving his relationship with Exley, and exploring the depths of the Islamic faith he adopted in Afghanistan.

I’m not supposed thr kill you.

The Faithful Spy – Wikipedia

Oct 19, Tasha rated it really liked it Shelves: Berenson is not yet 40, so we can look forward to many more adventures with John Wells. I really enjoyed this book. May 02, Minutes Buy. Berenson explains why he made the switch to fiction, what al Qaeda has in common with the CIA—and why Keanu Reeves is his new favorite actor. So writing about this conflict is very different than writing about the Cold War.


Omar Khadri, malicious mastermind, plots major strike in States, orders Well in from the cold. Wells speaks perfect Arabic and a smattering of other languageshas converted to Islam, and has painstakingly managed to gain the trust of al Berensonn top brass, including the big dog Osama bin Laden himself.

To become a sleeper within the Al-Qaida organization, he lives in the hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan for years, learning the culture and language and even adopting the religion. Working against internal and external adversity, making the right things happen even after wading through the intelligence bureaucracy. I now have to check out other authors who write contemporary spy books; but not right away. Hardcoverpages. The story has for me a couple of real problems.

The fsithful virginity story has no relevance to this story, I can see no way that it would make the male MC feel connected to the female MC and I can’t even imagine any sane 15 yo looking to lose her virginity the way this woman did. Sadly there’s a lot of doubt about him “back in Washington” as he doesn’t che Well