Alexandru Macedonski“Noapte de decemvrie” “Sunt Meka cerească. sunt Meka cea mare ”. SERIA SEMANTICĂ A NOŢIUNII DE IDEAL Sc. Alexandru Macedonski was a Wallachian, later Romanian poet, novelist, dramatist and literary. Noapte de decemvrie / Mircea Cartarescu Track 1/ Source: Satira Epocei de Alexandru Macedonski – Recita Florin Nan. Leave us feedback.

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A while after this episode, Marin Sorescu, one of the best-known modernist poets of his generation, wrote a homage-parody of the Nights cycle.

Final transition Late in his life, Macedonski had come to reject Symbolist tenets, defining them as “imbecilities” designed for “the uncultured”. Edit Profile View as Public Logout.

The focal point of his vision was that man could voluntarily stave off death with words and gestures, a concept he elaborated upon macwdonski his later articles. It included Noaptea de maiwhich Vianu sees as “one of the [vernacular’s] most beautiful poems” and as evidence of “a clear joy, without any torment whatsoever”.

Alexandru macedonski noapte de decemvrie comentariu scribd home – checkcount

While editing OltulMacedonski also completed his first prose writings. By that stage, Vianu recalls, Macedonski also had problems coming to terms dedemvrie his age.

In his debut poems, Benjamin Fondane-Barbu Fundoianu occasionally followed Macedonski, but, bystated that the Symbolist doyen merely imitated French models to the point of “parasitism”. The short comedy Gemenii was his debut work for the stage, but, according to Vianu, failed to show any merit other than a “logical construction” and a preview into Macedonski’s use of sarcasm. Since he has been an assistant teacher at the Chair of Decevmrie literary history, part of the University of Bucharest Faculty of Letters.

Alexandru Macedonski

Missir, Convorbiri Literare gave Poezii a negative review, deemed “malevolent” by literary historian Mircea Anghelescu. Witnesses of this disorder are divided into family, who seek to have Dorval committed, and close friends, who come to see his noaptw on life as a manifestation of genius.


Noaptea de decemvrie is the synthesis of his main themes and influences, rated by commentators as his “masterpiece”. His manuscript is written in ink of several colors, which, he believed, was to help readers get a full sense of its meaning.

June 1, is a Romanian poet, novelist and essayist. Thalassa, Le Calvaire de feua fantasy novel and extended prose poem, was celebrated by Macedonski’s disciple Oreste Georgescu as “the new religion of humanity”.

The publication allexandru the line of Nicolae Moret Blaremberg, made notorious for his radical and republican agenda. In addition to odes written in the Italian-based version of Romanian, it includes lyrics which satirize Carol I without mentioning his name. Show my social media links facebook.

Debut years Macedonski left Romania intraveling through Austria-Hungary and spending time in Vienna, before visiting Switzerland and possibly other countries; according to one account, it was here that he may have first met and disliked his rival poet Mihai Eminescu, at a time a Viennese student.

Two years after her father’s death, Anna Macedonski married poet Mihail Celarianu. The apparent secrecy and the initiation rites performed on new members were purportedly inspired by Rosicrucianism and the Freemasonry. During summer, Macedonski also joined the group of public figures who saluted the senior Conservative Germanophile Petre P. Commenting on them, Tudor Vianu argues that no such works had ever been produced in Romanian literature up until that moment.

Alexandru macedonski noapte de decemvrie comentariu scribd home

It was through this venue that he began responding to Ion Luca Caragiale’s earlier attacks. Among the younger prominent traditionalist writers was the Transylvanian-born Lucian Blaga, who may have purposefully avoided Macedonski during his first visit to Bucharest in The writer died on November 24, at three o’clock in the afternoon. Unevenly unalike sienna can wait from the homosexual unorthodoxy.

Reflecting back on this period inMacedonski described Caragiale as a “noisy young man” of “sophistic reasoning”, whose target audience was to be found in “beer gardens”.


Contents Alexandru macedonski noapte de decemvrie Noir ur alexandru macedonski Early life and family Debut years trial and office as prefect Early Literatorul years Against Alecsandri and Eminescu First Paris sojourn and Poezia viitorului Late s Caion scandal and expatriation Return and World War I years Late polemics, illness and death General characteristics Prima verba and other early works Realism and Naturalism Adoption of Symbolism Excelsior Late prose works Final transition Macedonski’s school and its early impact Late recognition Portrayals, visual tributes and landmarks Works published anthumously References Debuting as a Neoromantic in the Wallachian tradition, Macedonski went through the Realist-Naturalist stage deemed “social poetry”, while progressively adapting his style to Symbolism and Parnassianism, and repeatedly but unsuccessfully attempting to impose himself in the Francophone world.

Noapte de decemvrie de alexandru macedonski elemente romantice si simboliste – secbo

Among the group of contributors, several had already been victims of Maiorescu’s irony: Floccule is the ahmad. Many of Macedonski’s most devoted disciples, whom he himself had encouraged, have been rated by various critics as secondary or mediocre. Byhe was concentrating on experiments in physics, and eventually publicized his claim to have discovered that light does not travel through vacuum.

The family moved often, following General Macedonski’s postings. However, he remained indebted to Macedonski’s example in his descriptive prose.

Also noted within the volume is his short “Modern Psalms” series, including the piece Iertare “Forgiveness”which is addressed to God: The Chinese-themed poem Tsing-Ly-Tsiwhich Cazimir notes for its discreet, “almost imperceptible”, humor, reads:. Between andMacedonski was again in Paris.