ARD. Digital Processing. Communications Receiver. Operating manual. AOR, LTD. AOR and the AOR logo are trademarks of AOR, LTD. All other. ARD. 40kHzGHz, Professional Grade Communications Receiver. Cellular frequencies blocked on USA version; unblocked version available to. Find great deals for AOR ARD Wideband Communications Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I have found it a very fine receiver and enjoy the versatility. Akr Dec 26, Messages Another feature that drives up the price is the external reference input which is useful in high frequency applications.

ARD | RECEIVERS | AOR U.S.A., INC. Authority On Radio Communications

NFM is the most common mode used above 30 MHz with the exception of the airbands. Press the [FUNC] key, and press the [8] key to activate the alarm function which automatically turns on the receiver at the preprogrammed time or sound a beep.

Speaking of that why doesn’t Uniden come out with something like a D. Joined Feb 21, Messages 2, Location Charlottesville. Got it, continue to print. The low end of the shift bust be shifted UP by to or as low as People have told me that I would get much better performance from a dedicated HF sdr like a Perseus?

I haven’t tried a D orfrom my experience with their so called flagship receiver, the AR-Alpha, I am surprised the or D are better.

This causes the IF bandpass to cover the missing low frequencies. So, I am attempting to provide this page to help others get through some of the less well-documented features.

I opted out of the RX immediately because there was no spectrum display.

AOR AR5001D why?

So, I hoping for a well priced used one or a price reduction in the near future. These receivers can scan, but they are meant to be precision communications receivers and not scanners.


The and D might be better but I aoe it very much. Turbo68 Member Jul 22, Suite Torrance, CA Phone: As the successor to the AR 0A receiver, the ARD is designed using t he latest technology to ensure the highest level o f performance and reliability with similar key functions as the ARA receiver.

AOR ARD Specifications

AOR is like a lot of electronics manufactures, they need to continue to come up with new models every 6 months or so. The XT is sensitive but it bypasses a carier several times before finally acquiring it and with less strength. If you are an SWLer you can enjoy listening to eSSB without having to participate in the bandwidth holy wars, in which case, you can just sit back and enjoy the squabbles.

High performance wide band all mode receiver 10 khz – mhz 2 pages.

AOR AR5001D Wideband Communications Receiver

The ARD will automatically find the next available vacant memory channel. Don’t show me this message again. Using a Rohde and Schwarz sig gen I have compared it against several other radios such as the T and it blows it away. For the ar0501d part, the manual covers things well, but is lacking important illustrations and is often written in a way that I find confusing.

Turn off the power switch on the front panel. No control of the receiver. Front Zr5001d USB 2. The bandwidth rule applies the same.

There are many different idiosyncrasies between those top end receivers, but they definitely pull their weight – both of them. Aro would love to own an AOR-One but the wife has put her foot down. The process to save a displayed VFO frequency to memory is as follows: Page 44 What’s new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity.


The sensitivity and selectivity is unmatched. Panadapter adjustment The manual already shows how to change freq span and moving the spectrum. FUNC The functio n key is used to select secondary functions on the keypad.

I love my AOR’s and wouldn’t sell them but they are much more for specialized frequency analysis. I’ve been ar55001d this hobby and profession for more than 30 years and it’s without a doubt the best receiver I have ever owned. Status Not open for further replies.

A Aro rig will work much better. I mainly purchased this receiver to monitor my own signal to make recordings and adjustments to modify the sound quality of my voice signals.

Aod Mode Press this key to select the receive mode. R cannot do that, also, the R engineers failed to suppress the internal 10 mhz reference signal from showing up in the IF – pretty bad IMO. I think I’m going to give the AOR a shot.

Page 10 High frequency The more important bit though is antenna The seems almost like test equipment and the AOR line looks like something stuck in a shed in some remote hilltop location and remotely controlled from Langley, VA or some embassy somewhere. Page 73 Not available for US consumer version Enter text from picture: I’m waiting for the price of the D to drop before I shell out thousands of dollars. I’m hoping to ar5001d an AOR D pretty soon.

If your looking to get down and dirty though it’s hard to beat the AOR’s.