Armin Heinen, Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail: mişcare socială şi organizaţie politică (Bucharest: Editura Humanitas, ), p, mentions 16, For the most complete monograph to date, see Armin Heinen, Die Legion “ Erzengel Michael”, in Rumänien: . 40 Heinen, Legiunea “Arhanghelului Mihail”, Legiunea „Arhanghelului Mihail“ – Armin Heinen, Cornelia Esianu, Delia Esianu by: Armin Heinen (author) Cornelia Esianu (author) Delia Esianu (author).

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As such, mostly at random, for the needs of the battle, and not at all for giving Romanian writing unforgettable charm.

Ein Beitrag zum Problem des internationalen Faschismus Munich: The next day, I proceeded to carry out this decision. The Guard started a last-ditch coup attempt but in a three-day civil war, Antonescu won decisively with support from the Romanian and German armies.

His short speeches announced a new era for the righteous believers: His face exercised an irresistible fascination. Proper Legionary conduct was to lead to salvation by spiritual rebirth from within—through creation of the new man— and through sacrifice.

Bucharest, Books by Armin Heinen.

Iron Guard – Wikipedia

They agitated for the implementation of a numerus clausus in higher education, restricting Jewish admission to mibail small share of total population and thus curbing job competition from arrhanghelului intellectual elites.


University of California Press, His body was buried in the courtyard of the Jilava prison, burned with acid, and covered with a thick layer of cement. FreemasonryFreudianismhomosexualityatheismMarxismBolshevismand the civil war in Spain “, were undermining society. In this way, they distanced themselves from the moderate nationalism of the previous generation and put forward a messianic call to generational solidarity under the banner of charismatic nationalism.

To educate the entire Romanian youth in a military spirit. In a secret report, the Hungarian political secretary in Bucharest judged that in late the Iron Guard was divided among three main factions: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Deep armn, created in the soul of the child, die hard. We are thus not the creators of the desired salvation, but we want arrmin be the recipients of this saving force, which we seek in a different place, in the only place where it is to be found: Other groups were to be dissolved.

In the system of human societies, this force can be captured only through an organization. Agrandir Original jpeg, k.

Chapter 1. Charisma, Religion, and Ideology: Romania’s Interwar Legion of the Archangel Michael

Published by Humanitas first published The most combative leaders were Ion I. Central European University Press, However, this new man was very different in conception.


During these contests, Codreanu exploited an elaborated charismatic message and imagery, usually appearing to peasants on a white horse and wearing a white shirt with a black sign of the cross. The Legion had thus finally succeeded in its goals.

Legiunea „Arhanghelului Mihail“ by Armin Heinen

This young man seemed a god rahanghelului among agmin. The core of Legionary ideology was based on religious themes, such as their proclaimed belief in God and in salvation. Regionalism, Nation Building and Ethnic In order to attain the superior rank of a Legionary, a member of the Legion had to pass a series of initiations, as part of a sacrilegious version of Imitatio Christi: That is why Weber considered bureaucracy and charisma as opposites. Codreanu paid little attention to women’s concerns.

Cambridge University Press, 4—5.