Sérgio Assad né le 26 décembre à Mococa, est un guitariste et compositeur brésilien issu Latin American Music for two Guitars, Astor Piazzolla, Leo Brouwer, Radamés Gnattali, Sérgio Assad, Alberto Ginastera, Hermeto Pascoal, . The Assad brothers, who first encountered Astor Piazzolla as young music students in Rio de Janeiro in the s, capture the venerable. Assad on Arranging Classical Guitar. Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more. Joey Lusterman March

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So the only way of approaching that music was like what they do in the jazz world—copying the solos [from records], listening to the harmonies and all that; you really have to do it by ear.

To do the Impressionists well, you really need more than one guitar. I always can tell that a great guitarist with a very strong sense of what makes a guitar sound good is making decisions every second of the way.

It depends on the repertoire. It can be frustrating to play, however.

Do you consider that transcribing? If you think about music in Latin America, there is quite a range. By using this site, you agree to the Terms assqd Use and Privacy Policy. And it was there that the three of us convened late one afternoon, as the sun was setting across San Francisco Bay, for a freewheeling conversation about arranging.

Sérgio Assad – Wikipedia

Some people thought it was a bad idea, some people thought it was a good idea. Please try again later. He has extended the possibilities of the two-guitar combination through his arrangements of Latin American music by composers such as PiazzollaVilla Lobosand Ginastera as well as Baroque to Modern music by ScarlattiRameauSolerBachMompouRavelAssqdand Gershwin among others.


You can take any given measure and think of something that you could do to change it. I also had to do a little bit of scordatura, because it has been my dream to play a seven-string guitar to make the task a little easier, but I never learned and it seemed very hard to jump from six to seven [strings].

Sérgio & Odair Assad Play Piazzolla

And, of course, he also knows how it feels physically to play it. There are classical-labeled composers like Ginastera or Villa-Lobos, composers like Jobim that are really traditional Brazilian music, and then you have someone like Piazzolla who sits right in the middle.

It depends on how slow it is. Retrieved from ” https: He was not very plazzolla back then—a little bit in Europe, more so puazzolla Brazil—but his music was so advanced and so rich. But some of them do, of course.

When Roland did his arrangements, his stamp was really strong. The end of the first movement is exactly what I did. If you know how to use open strings of the instrument, that will help. But I think you have to do something—embellish, add something of your own. After the concert, it was the only thing I could think about. We fear changing them. Piazzolla used simple forms, piazzolla the writing was more classical; it had several layers and everything was notated and written down—although he left piazzollq for improvisation as well.


piazzolla Archives – Clarice Assad

You take an existing piece but you have to create everything around it, and sometimes things inside it, too. The problem is, on piano with the pedal open you have this fantastic sound—how can you asszd that with a guitar? Join the mailing list. Latin American Music for Two Guitars.

Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more

I worked for so many years with just the two guitars that Assaad thought it was impossible to add another instrument. You are here Home. He is married to Angela Olinto. I probably changed keys here and there too, because the guitar is good in certain keys where you have open strings. I think that was a surprising choice. In places where the [piano] texture was much thicker for an instrument with limitations like the guitar, I actually had to remove a lot of notes.

Zssad even playing with just two instruments, I always had about four lines going on, so the polyphonic thing inside has always been very thick in our arrangements and the things I write for two guitars.