Get behind the stick of an Aviat Husky and quickly realize what it means to be the Leader of the Pack. Contact us today for a demo flight. Free Aviat A-1C Husky Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists. I bought a Husky A-1 a few years ago and flew it for a couple hundred hours. It will takeoff I think that Aviat builds a good airplane. I think Cub.

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This model has so many unique operational features make sure you thoroughly read and understand the readme.

The 3d cockpit was set up to represent as accurately as possible the airplane he flies on a daily basis. The flight characteristics are very realistic. Ready to visit Madagascar and land on jungle bush strips? How about huskg on a remote Alaskan airstrip?


Aviat Husky

Or tackling a landing on a glacier or in an alpine lake? Fire up the HP engine and take off on an exhilarating X-Plane flying experience!

It is the only all-new light aircraft that was designed and entered series production in the United States in the mid to late s. He reports that it as realistic as being in the airplane.

Aviat A-1C Husky

Peter has outdone himself in texturing this cockpit. I was impressed and I know you will be, too.

Electrical system revised to meet the latest requirements. New Dynamic cockpit lighting.

All cockpit surfaces reflect the light from the panel and cockpit flood lights and the flight instrument are back-lit which makes the night cockpit look much hussky realistic.

A new, truly unique map light which at the flip of the switch, provides extra illumination for the primary flight instruments.

Manipulator-based cockpit controls for the carb heat, propeller, and throttle levers, flap handle, trim wheel, engine primer, and even the joystick. Manipulators animate the entire object so you can click, hold, and move the control through its entire range as naturally as if you were holding the actual control in your hand. Useful additions to the plug-in: The registration tail number changes automatically when you change liveries; and a new custom command “ties” the airplane down on the land or ties it in place or to a dock on the water.


When used in conjunction with a specific HangarOps KeyCode, it can be used to raise the floatplane on one of our unique animated aircraft lifts.

Free hangars are included with the model!