Astonishing The Gods [Ben Okri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a story for all ages, set in a time and place best known to lovers. to contribute a book review of one of my recent reads, Astonishing the Gods by Nigerian author, Ben Okri. I was both extremely excited and. Set on an enchanted island, Astonishing the Gods is shot through with the gentle magic of Ben Okri’s imaginative prose. Okri’s fifth novel is an.

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I’m sure if I read this when I was younger I would have thought it was actually saying something, but to the older me it was just collapsing under the weight of its own sense of self-importance. For if you ask yourself many questions, you will never be short of something to ponder upon.

Skip to content From the Booker prize-winning author of The Famished Road comes this bewitching novel. I have read about Okri but never read his work before. Their relationship is so tenuous that it makes the compassionate reader want to assure Okri that he has no need to establish either his antecedents or asstonishing extent of his reading to the point where he appears to be playing a literary game.

I do wonder if the cycle can be halted, I think part of the problem is that people refuse to take responsibility. He registered as an undergraduate at the University of Essex. Modern literature is the product of too much false suffering, too much false pain. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But I was completely at ease and I mysteriously found my way to my uncle’s place.

By his own admission, Ben Okri finds “concrete prose the most hard to write” – a shortcoming which he acknowledges with something approaching pride. I get that feeling with gofs books I see reviewed, especially those that have been on my book shelves for years and I have glanced over, I like to think that when the moment is right you will find the book and the time to indulge.

It is a modern fable about the relationship between love, suffering and creativity. That is not to say he is not attractive to more exacting intellects. Gen was inspirational as well as stimulating. Two weeks after he took up residence he won the Booker Prize and they had a celebrity in their senior common room.


Because of his initially English and then colonial education he had become “entranced” one of his favourite words with Plato and Aristotle. Okri’s reputation is built on sentences which are not susceptible to detailed analysis.

We may then apply our discretion under the user terms okrri amend or delete comments. From the Booker prize-winning author of The Famished Road comes this bewitching novel.

Astonishing the Gods by Ben Okri

The invisibility theme, however, is a good one, for the multiple associations it carries, especially for an African writer. Drawn in right from the start, utterly fascinating this sounds, a book I could get totally lost with… Like Like.

Jul 13, Matt rated it liked it. Just a moment while we sign you in to ebn Goodreads account. They are parallel to events.

Astonishing the Gods

May 28, Leonie rated it did not like it. Sometimes he exhibits all the characteristics of the nervous loner. He grew up in London before returning to Nigeria with his family in I only picked it up because I remember reading another of the authors books a while back, it gets right into it though and is well worth a read, although you may need to allow time for random and unexpected contemplations, I know I did. It was like reading a narrative of a dream: It would be good to have the potential leaders sit in isolation and contemplate such books and try to understand something deeper than soundbyte politics.

Interrupted in his defence of misunderstanding with the news that a moment ago he sounded as if he minded a great deal, Okri explains the confusion. Jeremy Treglown don and chairman of the judges recalls reading it in his garden and enjoying it so much that he called his daughter out to share his pleasure.

It is the diffuse mysticism of Okri’s writing which makes him such a controversial novelist and poet. Yes, it was beautiful but not exactly what I’d love to read through again.

At the same time, at least as he recalls those early years, he “began to feel the enchantment of Shakespeare, the Greek and Arthurian legends”. Rosie Boycott – one time neighbour and permanent admirer – says that she has barely met his long-time and permanent partner and rarely visits his house, although he has been a family friend since he read bedtime stories to her daughter 10 years ago.


It was fantastic, yet crap. Talking about fox-hunting, he says he “knows how the fox feels. I seem to write longer reviews here especially when I’m mysticstruck. An invisible man from an invisible people. I would recommend it to anyone. When he discusses Africa itself, as distinct from Africa’s effect upon his work, he analyses its history and its prospects with Euclidean clarity, which has atonishing to do with “words being things”.

Nov 03, Burcak Bayram rated it it was amazing. A Way of Being Free.

The sixth stanza of the eighth book of Mental Fight “a poem in itself” according to its authoras well as mentioning the gospels and “one thousand and one nights”, contains nine literary references in 20 lines: I liked the style and the images and metaphors Okri paints in the book. Then he “realised that we [that is to say indigenous Africans] have philosophers just as profound”. Feb 03, Lisa rated it it was ok. So his memories gosd that first emigration cannot be altogether reliable.

Astonishing the Gods is the Soul Journey of a young man Who travels and find himself living among invisible beings as time goes astinishing is assisted by three guides the 1st a fatherly being who teaches him to overcome challenges, 2nd a Child who instructs him to see the world through the eyes of innocence and the gentle, and 3rd is feminine and leads him to a place where he can finally purify himself before entering a palace of utter silence.

He now regards the years in Colchester as another episode in what he calls “a layered life in which western European culture and the aesthetic of Africa” came together to form a stratum astonlshing his literary bedrock. The damage is not irreparable. I Liked this novel but somewhere made me bored.

All of these books are clearly very popular and yet they just don’t resonate with me. There is plenty of symbolism in the prose and its abstract feel — the meandering of the story, the oki flowery language loaded with arcane subtext — means there is a presence of the intangible, the spiritual.