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You can find the server name in ssp message line at the bottom right of itnegration PI system. Which pipeline steps were executed? A service operation represents the service interface and its interface as a whole, uses attributes to describe the type of interface used, and distinguishes between inbound and outbound interfaces. In this way, the model serves provides a basis for discussion until it is approved, after which it serves as a template for other models.

SAP Process Integration

On the Contents tab page, choose to insert the receiver that is to receive the message if the same condition is satisfied. Software Components and Products Exercise Integratiom After completing this exercise, you will be able to: In the example scenario, the inbound message has the following structure: The sender SAP system has an interface for distributing master data.

The type of technical system determines exactly which attributes you must enter. A mapping rule from an ;rocess interface to an inbound interface is defined for each data exchange.


The business system describes the semantics of a system or a client in an SAP system. To register a Java server in the SLD, follow the steps below: Generally, software components have external interfaces to enable them to communicate with other software components.

Course: PI Message Mapping – Springest

You need to configure one or more receivers with different inbound interfaces. You define outbound and inbound interfaces in the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repository. You want to understand how the objects concerned are configured. You will configure this business system as a receiver in later exercises. Using these values you can then test the mapping program. You need to create a receiver communication channel prrocess this purpose. These rules are not attached to the source field, but to the target procsss.

Message List Choose Execute to profess a list of messages that satisfy your selection criteria. Typographic Conventions American English is the standard used in this handbook. An inbound proxy can be generated in the target system, which receives a message in PI XML format from the Integration Server and processes the data. The sender system is simulated by an HTTP client. To do this, enter Index instead of Database as the source in the message monitor.

This unit explains which configuration settings you must make for the receiver determination, and how you set up a mapping from the sender outbound interface to the receiver inbound interface. You can specify a mapping program, if necessary, which ibtegration the outbound interface metweaver the inbound interface.


Imagine a message InvoiceOut which, among other things, contains the address of a customer. For this reason, a queue concept was developed for pipeline processing, which is briefly discussed in this section.

SAP – PI Message Mapping

A product contains independent software components. You make the settings for the configuration view in the Integration Directory. The main consideration is usually that the interface works. Designing and Configuring Integration Processes You can also use this monitor to manage your communication channels.

In the receiver determination, you can define how the system reacts to the status ‘no receiver determined’. In addition to the structure mapping, which maps the source and inbound structures to each other, you can also define a value mapping, which maps values of the structure to the required values in the inbound structure.

Double-click to display the document on the right-hand side. The actual application data payload is contained in the attachments. Acknowledgements in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration With asynchronous communication, the sender system does not receive confirmation as to whether the message reached the recipient and there is no information on business processing in the target system.