v Broadcom BCM – BMIPS v (2x): Broadcom BCM Telephony driver for Broadcom running OpenWrt – pgid69/bcm63xx-phone. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part lifecycle.

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Use a voltimeter or a led with a ohm series resistor to see if the candidate for the SPI slave select on the board blinks. CC Attribution-Share Alike 4. NAND flash chips are supported since Linux kernel 4.

Locating slave selects on the board. Snippet kernel code example: They can monitor LAN activity, serial activity, and so on.

Tested on BCM, Boradcom There exists an utility to backup the entire flash: Not by some binary nor are there GPL drivers available! These 5 pins use pulldown resistors 4. Sagem F STn v. We can locate slave selects on the board by toggling the state of them.

And it could be interesting to port such bootloaders to devices, which happen to come with a restricted bootloader. Build a firmware with devmem enabled in busybox and kernel. BCM63xx SoCs broaddcom cryptographic hardware accelerators. Sagem F ST V2. They can be software controled again by writing some particular registers of the SoC.


BCM to new ones without much software impact. The CPU clock configuration is strapped from 5 pins on this interface. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Sidebar Welcome to the OpenWrt Project.

OpenWrt Project: Broadcom BCM63xx

Hardware random number generator. The SPU drivers has been added since Linux kernel v4. It is one of the most successful xDSL platforms due to the simplicity of migrating old platforms e. User Tools Register Log In.

Broadcom BCM63xx

Spite there being SMP code for using two cores in the kernel see smp-bmips. Can be performed in, and bit modes. The labels in the Linux kernel are:. Please also remember that available source code it NOT enough, it has to be under some license, that allow for modification and redistribution. Not available in, Inventel Livebox 1 DV Broadckm Cipher engine accelerates the IPSec protocol by using dedicated hardware blocks.


Compare the available bootloader out there, their license, available code and feature sets. By default only one or two more in newer SoCs Slave Selects are available.

Broadcom SOCs

Asmax AR g 1. Thomson Speedtouch ST g. BCM only uses 1 core. Netgear has released some sources broadfom DSL-driver: They are multiplexed and enabled by Openwrt during initialization of the board devices.

BCM with Kernel 3. The driver is available with GPL. Inteno DG commonly shipped to Sonera broacdom in Finland. Some devices use redboot such as Inventel Liveboxes. Also there is some source code for uboot. The support for Broadcom 63xx is at this state: BT Home Hub 1 1. Thomson routers have their own bootloader.