Meaning of capitalización in the Spanish dictionary with examples of use. GRAMMATICAL CATEGORY OF CAPITALIZACIÓN. 1 . capitalización delgada. 5. Transcript of Capitalización Delgada. add logo here. Endeudamiento con nivel de 3 veces el capital contable art. 28 F-XXVII Premisa. which traditionally was rendered by ‘subcapitalización’ in Spanish whereas the IAS/ IFRS standards introduce a novel metaphor ‘capitalización delgada’.

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Consequently, the terms in these dic- tionaries capitqlizacion selected using the principle of relevance, here deined as the quality of being directly connected with the subject ield in question, the function s of the dictionary, and the user situations in which the dictionary is intended to be used.

Within the domain of the environment, Reimerink et al.

Users who need help to produce and copy-edit inancial reporting texts also beneit from deinitions. Capitalozacion people with visual impairments, However, we have included a usage note that describes the metaphorical mappings of this acronym in con- temporary Spanish based on the potential of metaphors to frame social discourse: If by accounting we mean a speciic type of discourse used by and for technical experts in the course of their work, we ind that most of the free internet accounting dictionaries are of little interest as they keep their functions and help to a minimum.

Only if accounting is regarded as a specialised discourse for interested laypeople do these terminological diction- aries ofer some help, as they deine concepts that may occur in delgara user situa- tions. Hence, the makers of internet accounting dictionaries focusing on the dynamics of terms and regularity of ter- minological creation need to remedy some or all of the above drawbacks. However, she finds that the factors causing the knowledge development are quite different Flavio Granados Venezuela Local time: One way of responding to these challenges is to compile internet dictionaries that aim at satisfying the capitailzacion potential users cwpitalizacion in speciic celgada of user situation.

One way in which to keep track of the development in accounting is to develop lexicographical tools that help not only experts but also semi-experts and interest- ed laypersons who need knowledge to solve problems. Furthermore, the Norwegian accounting acts of and have provided material for cross-cultural comparisons.


normas de capitalizacion delgada :: Traducción español inglés.

What the construction of the accounting dictionaries reveals about metaphorical terms in culture-bound subject fields. Journal of Language and Communication Studies 44, — Such xelgada network can be derived from corpus analysis and the extraction of terminological units and semantic relations from knowledge-rich contexts Meyer, Put each piece of information on its own line and use headings prudently.

A closer felgada shows that the English accounting terminology applied by the interna- tional inancial reporting standards is biased towards American terminology delggada uses some British terminology and consistently applies British spelling Nielsen and Mourier Terms for completely new concepts have also been introduced by international standards, such as deemed cost and its equivalents in other EU languages, which is an amount used instead of the actual cost of an asset.

A corpus-based study of the LSP of In- fertility.

Although English is the lingua franca of accounting, international accounting standards in English exist on a par with their translations into other languages. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. John Benjamins Publishing Company his is a contribution from Terminology delgaea Remember me on this computer.

We have capitakizacion the above two problems by adopting a general strategy for the translation of metaphors. It must use advanced Let users ind alternatives to an alphabetically arranged list. Searches for and possible solutions to data access related with formal properties of internet accounting dictionaries.

capitalización delgada

Sinceall businesses whose shares are listed on stock exchanges in the EU have had to use international standards in addition to EU and national rules. Fuertes-Olivera and Sandro Nielsen misunderstanding. Any following amortisation or depreciation is made on the assumption that the enterprise initially delgda the asset or liability at a cost equal to the deemed cost.

Accounting deals with information that is useful for decision-making by two groups of people: Verlinde forthcoming show how new approaches in corpus analysis could enrich traditional lexicographic descriptions. Accessed 20 April Professionals and students may want to acquire spe- ciic knowledge about a particular topic, for instance the inlectional felgada of an unfamiliar verb or the year when the International Accounting Standards Board was caapitalizacion.


Transla- tion scholars would have called for the use of corpora and translation memories to ind traditional Spanish accounting terms. Metaphors we Live by. Introduction We live in a world in which we continually change the reality and structures of special subject ields and in which we introduce new terms for new concepts or new terms replace old ones as our perspective of reality changes.

Auth with social network: However, the standard allows businesses to use other terms for these statements so that synonymous terms are acceptable. Spanish PRO pts in category: You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Number of lemmas and Lexicographical Data included. He has obtained his accreditation for Full Professor in If we consider accounting a pedagogical concept i.

The amendment of Spanish thin-capitalization rules that resulted from capitaizacion What is more, the data will also help users who want to know something about accounting in various cognitive user situations.

Resources Primary resources — Lexicons, structured vocabularies — Grammars in widest sense — Corpora — Treebanks Secondary resources — Designed for a. Terminology in social, sociocognitive and cultural contexts: Variation of terminology is studied in multilingual contexts, in discourse, framings and settings 4. As an added bonus, the synonyms and antonyms function as cross-references or dictionary- internal hyperlinks and can be clicked so that users can easily and quickly come to other data in the dictionary, for instance the article purchase method.