Download Citation on ResearchGate | Carcinoma mucinoso de mama: Un análisis de casos apareados | Mucinous carcinoma (MC) of the breast is an. The aim of this study is the clinical, mammograp-hic and ecographic review of patients with mucinous breast cancer diagnosed in our hospital in the past year. We present a case of mucinous breast carcinoma in which the only atípica de un tumor mucinoso de mama como microcalcificaciones agrupadas. Radiología .

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Clin Oncology ; 2: This website is intended for pathologists and laboratory personnel, who understand that medical information is imperfect and must be interpreted using reasonable medical judgment. Many types of cancer cells — including most breast cancer cells — produce some mucus. Click here for patient related inquiries.

Histological section at microscopy identifying mucinous tumor with a remarkable amount of mucin and little cellularity. Gelatinous or jelly-like cut surface. The present pictorial essay focus on the most typical imaging findings of such specific type of carcinoma and its subtypes, highlighting findings associated with prognostic prediction. On postcontrast images, benign-appearing kinetics with gradual and persistent enhancement is typical and so they can be easily mistaken for a benign lesion.

Accessed December 31st, A mixed MCB tends to be more hypoechoic.

IDC Type: Mucinous Carcinoma of the Breast

Comparison between stadistical and intuitive approach. Most metastases present as palpable nucinoso masses that are usually mobile, but occasionally adherent to the skin 9.


Mediolateral, oblique mammographic view demonstrating microlobulated ovoid nodule at the junction of the medial quadrants of the right breast. Rev Esp Enferm Carcinoam ; Pure cases may not need axillary staging Ann Surg Oncol ;9: Diffusion-weighted imaging of mucinous carcinoma of the breast: Within metastatic disease to the breast, colon cancer metastases are rare.

You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Images hosted on PathOut server: Mammographic evaluation can be useful in the differential diagnosis of primary versus secondary breast malignancy.

Mucinous carcinoma of the breast: a case report and review of the literature.

Sometimes they may have partly faded or obscure margins. Histological section of the lesion, identifying mucinous tumor with neoplastic cells involved by moderate amount of extracellular mucin.

Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: The first cases of breast metastasis from an adenocarcinoma of the colon and rectum were reported by McIntosh in 4. An exploratory laparotomy was indicated. The signal intensity is variable on T1-weighted images and with strong signal similar to that of water or vessels on T2-weighted images Figure 3.

Case 3 Case 3.

IDC Type: Mucinous Carcinoma of the Breast

Six months after surgery the patient was admitted to hospital in a poor health condition due to disseminated disease, and was then referred for supportive care. Semir Mmucinoso, University of Sarajevo Bosnia.

Similarly to morphological findings at mammography and ultrasonography, MMCs, at magnetic resonance imaging, are visualized as ovoid or lobulated masses with predominantly regular contours.

Sparse epithelial component arrow – DCIS by mucin. J Am Coll Surg ; Diagnosis and natural history of extramammary tumors metastatic to the breast.


Mucinous carcinoma of the breast: a case report and review of the literature.

The authors selected cases of mucinous carcinoma of the breast whose images were available, highlighting the imaging findings suggestive of this subtype of breast cancer, either at mammography, ultrasonography or magnetic resonance imaging. Mucinoos year-old woman was diagnosed in with an adenocarcinoma of the right colon, and a right hemicolectomy was performed.

Typically, colorectal carcinomas are positive for CK20, whereas this is exceptional in primary breast carcinoma 10, Sometimes mucinous breast carcinomas show a ductal infiltrating solid component, the presence of “signet ring cells” being uncommon. Grimelius staining an agryophilic silver stain denotes neuroendocrine differentiation.

Mucinous carcinoma of the breast: They are usually indicative of disseminated disease, and the prognosis is poor. Under a microscope, it looks like the cancer cells are ,ucinoso throughout pools of mucus. The classic mammographic finding is a rounded, well-circumscribed mass. Female, year-old patient with an ovoid nodule with indistinct and angulated margins, with no noticeable microlobulation, with posterior acoustic enhancement, diagnosed as mixed MMC.

Female, year-old patient with pure MMC, with typical sonographic findings: Scroll to see all images: The patient was in good health, without symptoms of widespread disease. Differences exist between cells of pure and mixed forms Ultrastruct Pathol ;