View and Download CASIO FxP user manual online. Scientific Calculator. FxP Calculator pdf manual download. This Vintage Casio FxP 12 digit Scientific Calculator is designed to provide a high degree of versatility and performance as well as years of reliable service. CASIO fxp,the galery of ledudu on Casio calculators and pocket computers, calculator,computer,vintage,museum,pocket.

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On these calculators, your calculations are performed as normal when you are entering a program, instead of showing up as a list of editable program steps.

Trigonometrics, Exponentials, Linear regression, Continuous memory, baseN. Student Models Casio graphing calculators are clearly designed with the educational market in mind. It can use “engineering prefixes” from T tera to f fempto both casoo entry and for display purposes, and can work in 4 numeric bases with up to 32bits wit five logical operations.

No Image Available fxGA.

No Image Available fxPA. Trigonometrics, Exponentials, Continuous memory, Printer. Formula programmables provide storage for formulae in algebraic form. Just out of curiosity, I opened the battery door at the back and saw that fxx-4200p battery looked very familiar! No Image Available fxaG.


Casio’s began producing calculators in the pre-LCD era; their first programmable models used vacuum fluorescent displays.

This is especially true of their higher-end products that feature a mediocre programming model and a lack of functional integration between the calculator’s various features. Unconfirmed sighting FX aG Graph QTY Add to Cart.

Casio FX-4200P Calculator Batteries

It was the first scientific calculator that I ever had. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: No Image Available fx-CG No Image Available Graph The Beginnings Casio’s began producing calculators in the pre-LCD era; their first programmable models used vacuum fluorescent displays.

Just depend on how you want to look at them. Then again, HP used to be making engineering tools, whereas Casio’s machines were designed for classroom use. Seems it wasn’t a very popular model I saw yesterday Jebem’s thread about his recently obtained Casio fxP and I couldn’t help to remember the very similar fxP that I used during my High School years.

No Image Available AX Trigonometrics, Exponentials, Magnetic cards.

A particularly annoying “feature” of many low-cost programmable calculators is that they provide no feedback during programming. Just enter a formula, press [EXE] and it will ask you for the vaiables each letter is considered a variable, and two letters together imply you multiply them: Toth Powered by Joomla!


Several Casio calculator models were sold under various OEM brand names, including the earliest machines. Trigonometrics, Exponentials, Continuous memory.

Trigonometrics, Exponentials, Continuous memory, Sound. Fortunately, Casio also produced some advanced keystroke programmables. Many used the same programming model that is found in their graphing calculators, providing labels, subroutines, and other sophisticated functions. Casio has been producing keystroke programmable calculators for nearly three decades. Call There are several Casio programmables that I have not yet held in my hands, and therefore I don’t know any details about them.

No Image Available PD Threaded Mode Linear Mode. I had an exact spare around my house.

Casio fxp manual espaƱol – Google Docs

Battery Recycling We are an industry leader for battery recycling. Here are a few tips to help keep your battery strong: Exponentials, Linear regression, Financial, Continuous memory.

If the calculator can power itself off after a specified period of inactivity, you can prevent unintentionally draining the battery. Search Member List Fd-4200p Help.