How To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And and created the technique I call “Cocky & Funny” (and later “Cocky Comedy”) that. David DeAngelo came out with Double Your Dating in and introduced the world to using cocky and funny lines. Since then he’s made mega-bucks on it. How To Use The Powerful Combination I Call “Cocky Comedy” To Not Only Make How to perfectly blend “cocky” with “funny” so your humor is always creating.

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EVERY girl likes a guy with a good sense of humor, just ask them. She laughed, and I said to my mind, “Kids, so easily getting amused.

Your Friend, David DeAngelo. It’s easy to ignore someone you don’t feel attracted to, oh yes, very easy. Of course cocky comedy works. But believe me, humor isn’t an absolute necessity. Something tells me that you actually meant the “Power Puff Girls”, but hey, close enough. But then you transition into the unique and original “You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them. We have named it after you, because you are its founder. Further learning how to do this takes some real work, and is difficult to target because you have to really size up the woman you’re dealing with.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t generally recommend the ” cocky and funny ” approach as most guys really aren’t funny. I appreciate all of the “Your dwangelo is great” and “I don’t need to tell you how well your stuff works” comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics You like my lips?

So, when I meet a girl with freckles, eyes like a furious deep blue sea, or green eyes, like the stem of a flower, petite women with ddavid dainty build, nice butt we guys like it, come onand round breasts we like that too. Again, cocy off the wall, but it’s funny and it works. Most women in their 20’s soak this up because they are challenged by even the coarsest humor. It was talked about, discussed and tried out.


I did not mean to make this e-mail too long, but hey, I could not help it.

ø Examples of Cocky Funny Humor ø PUA David DeAngelo Pick Up Artist Double Your Dating

I have friends who are funny… hilarious actually… and girls say how much fun they are to be around. David DeAngelo came out with Double Your Dating in and introduced the world to using cocky and funny lines. JT Pierce is an expert with women and online dating.

I feel there are much easier ways to approach women, especially if you’re already funny anyway. Click here to get women to reply fast! It is a very fine line. I always thought that being nice, sweet, and courteous was an ultimate-irrefutable way to get the girls we long to have, but the irony is that we never make that dream come true. You’ve always got to keep in mind that women are better at this game than you are.

Get Help With Your Profile: You started out going down the road of “What?

I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula. But guess where dzvid guys land? Eyes like a furious deep blue sea?

Examples of Cocky Funny Humor

Thus, don’t drop your guard. I t even worked for a few guys with really specific personalities. Hummm, so you like guys in the evolutive process of not being shy, eh?

I might feel nervous, but I don’t show them my nervousness. I said, “Maybe you want to take a rest, or lay on your bed, and you don’t do it because I am here, unless you promise me that if you lay in bed you will take me with you. Mind me that I get mad when you tell us not to make it over two paragraphs, and I see people like me writing long speeches.

I did an interview with Travis James at socialanxietycures. Telling a girl that she’s cute like a cartoon is a nice touch I’m still hoping that’s what you meant. Cocky and funny approach.


Cocky and funny approach – David DeAngelo, PUA, Seduction Tips, Pickup Routines

This is an interesting way of saying it She doesn’t find a guy with a sense of humor attractive… It’s the other way around – she’s attracted to him FIRST, then she laughs and thinks the guy has a good sense of humor.

It tends to “soften” it a bit, letting them take it slightly farther than they could otherwise. NOW, if you’re reading this right now, and thinking to yourself “This is great stuff, I need to learn how to use my communication and humor to attract women”, then I have something to say to you: I read these first.

Even though it’s obvious that you speak English as a second or so language, you get the concept So, here’s how this works: I won’t miss your next seminar!

When that girl hit you, you turned it around and made it funny. Click here for what I think are some great principles for meeting women and being an attractive man. For example, you and she start talking, you attitude should be that you control the situation – not her. My Best Posts Amazing articles to help you master online dating. I owe you my present success with them, and I thank you in advance for the foregoing prosperity that the future holds for me with them.

You see, younger women aren’t as intuitive as older women. For those who don’t know, the ” cocky and funny ” approach deals with being humorous and challenging at the verbal level. And what’s the very best, fastest, most efficient and effective way to master the art of using humor and communication to attract women?