Henry Wadsworth Longfellow () was one of the greatest American Poets of the 19th Century. Born in Portland, marine in Daybreak. by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A wind came up out of the sea, And said, O mists, make room for me. It hailed the ships, and cried, Sail on. The fifth poem in the Class XI WBCHSE English B syllabus is ‘Daybreak’ written by the internationally popular American poet Henry Wadsworth.

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Daybreak by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Review of Daybreak

So here we observe very fine themes that give the idea of background work to understand this poem. The entire poem follows the journey of the wind, wherein it first begins from the sea and throughout the journey speaks,whispers,shouts and wadswotrh to several other entities.

By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Unknown November 12, at 7: It said unto the forest, “Shout! Thank you for the analysis. Posted by Titas Biswas. Here poem gives the idea of alive life and be ready longtellow challenges and opportunities to grab it.


It crossed the churchyard with a sigh. There is a remarkable use of exclamatory mark! Kinjal April 24, at 3: It woke the birds up, urging them to sing.

Longfellow was one of those poets who had the ability to create magic with almost anything! Dilip Barad Head of English Dept.


In literature theme is a blueprint of the work. However, I believe, he had in mind the atrocities of the Church.

What are your perspectives? The day had not begun for it. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow could have implied a number of things.

It blew over the farms, whispering to the corn fields. By the words proclaim the hour is simply shows the high time.

Titas Biswas December 1, at This was a good one. In a nut shell, one wafsworth pen it all with positive vibes and what human shall do in the life that he got is very clear here. His works shows the lively element that gives human mind a fruit to live peacefully and independently with enthusiastic thoughts.

After it was done with the waters, the Wind rushed towards the land, proclaiming the beginning of a brand new day.

Avijit Roy October 24, at 8: Actual aspect of life and dybreak glory s here with this last couplet and also the whole phrase is daybrak the wind arrives at the graveyard of the church but here the message of wind is changed. Home Daybreak by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

But they should be set free from their anchor as the sun rises and darkness is over. So the wind tells them to bow down their heads and express their gratitude. By using this couplet poet explores the real sense of time and he is telling that the time is now so daybreakk your opportunity.

longfllow He often used folk and mythical stories as material for his poetry. Titas Biswas April 24, at 8: With a full determination voice, poet explores the second last stanza that the high time consideration is now.

Keeping in mind the flow of the wind the poet applies a breezy style to the poem.