First UK Passivhaus to be built with cavity wall construction. • Design & build project led by Green Building Store. • Denby Dale, West Yorkshire • Private. The Case Study I have chosen is the Denby Dale Passivhaus. The rationale behind this decision was mainly due to the wealth of resources provided. Design Case Study. Denby Dale Passivhaus was built for a private client who wanted a three bedroom detached house, built to a strict budget of £, on an.

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If we do this, society wins, the people who live in it win, the housing stock wins and the planet wins. Get an MVHR quote. If rigid insulation is used and fitted badly with drnby many gaps, air movement around and between the insulation boards is increased, which can drastically reduce its insulation value.

We went away to a country cottage in Cornwall a couple of years ago. MVHR is an absolutely integral component for achieving the necessary performance levels needed for Passivhaus buildings. Thermal bypass refers to air movement through or around insulation, which can reduce its effectiveness.

Another airtightness tape was used to seal the gap between the window and the plywood box. He immediately removed the grille and the system worked fine. The incoming air is blown past the outgoing air and is used to heat the incoming air.


In addition to its thermal performance glass mineral wool also has other sustainable features.

Today the house is a warm and comfortable 21 degrees inside, 10 degrees outside. In manufacture it uses a high content of recycled glass bottles and requires less overall energy consumption than some alternative products, resulting in less carbon emissions. Economics, performance, availability, ease denbyy fitting and reducing thermal bypass were all among the benefits of the Knauf Insulation products chosen.

This is achieved by use of a sophisticated heat exchanger dennby by two very efficient fans.

By clicking anywhere on our website you will accept our cookie policy. Maximising airtightness Passivhaus buildings require very high levels of airtightness 0.

Denby Dale Passivhaus: 5 years on

Glass mineral wool dals specified over rigid insulation to ensure a tight thermal fit. Want to see more like this? He then noticed that a thin grille on the outside of the inlet duct was clogged up with seeds and leaves from the garden.

Ecopassiv – Passivhaus compatible windows. Thanks for your interest in this. Mark Siddall Vaudeville Court: The original design details developed for the project can also be used as a template for the construction industry as to how to minimize thermal bridging, improve energy efficiency and maximise the airtightness dehby projects built using cavity wall construction. Making buildings better Products and support for energy efficient homes and buildings.

We were able to make a significant savings straight away. See how easily we could have solved the climate crisis if we had started in ! We think it could grow exponentially from now on….


Denby Dale PassivHaus | Carbon Hub

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn youtube. There are no draughts or uneven temperatures. Rather than using energy, it is about making the most of the small energy that you need.

The aim of building this property was to provide the construction industry with an easy to use template to build a low energy Passivhaus using techniques and materials that are familiar to the British workforce.

Skip to main content. For more information on Denby Dale, please click here. Minimising thermal bypass Thermal bypass refers to air movement through or around insulation, which can reduce its effectiveness.

Denby Dale Passivhaus: Derrie O’Sullivan

Do you have a story to tell? Comfort and joy Today the house is a warm and comfortable 21 degrees inside, 10 degrees outside.

Products used in this project. You have to experience the comfort of a Passivhaus for yourselves to understand how different it feels from a standard building. The first winter was a very cold winter and we just turned up the heating and the house sometimes overheated up to 26 degrees in the upstairs rooms!

Visitors have included Shadow Ministers, US Passivhaus Designers, schoolchildren, university students, building apprentices, self-builders and co-housing enthusiasts, architects, builders, Kirklees councillors and pwssivhaus MPs.