My initial impression of floor plan manager was that standard FPM ABAP Web Dynpro’s provided by SAP such as ESS/MSS (fite_vc*) are really good and. What is FPM? Floorplan Manager (FPM) is a Web Dynpro ABAP application that provides a framework for developing new Web Dynpro ABAP application. Goals Developing and configuring Web Dynpro ABAP applications that are based on the Floor Plan Manager (FPM) framework Audience Developers of Web .

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One needs to follow all the steps to avoid the runtime errors. What is Feeder Class? Business logic can be access through it. There are 2 ways which can be used to develop the FPM application.

Steps to be followed: In this example we are using OIF and hence the component is as follows. Enter the Configuration ID. Click on Create button. You will receive the success message. This is again expected error and same as above Step Click on Create and give your package and it will open the next screen with the success message.


eLearning Tutorials – Floorplan Manager for Web Dynpro ABAP – Web Dynpro ABAP – SCN Wiki

Enter the Feeder Class name and click on Edit Parameters. It will add the group1 under Form and you can name it. Do it for all the fields and click on SAVE. There are 2 ways to test the application as follows. It will take you to the Application Configuration. Just click on TEST. I have removed those steps.

A Step-by-Step guide to create a simple FPM application using Feeder Class for FORM GUIBB

I get the error: For eg i want to pass matnr alone as importing parameter to the event handler method. Thanks for your post! December 2, 7 minute read.

You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. April 15, at 6: Former Member Post author. June 11, at 7: May 10, at 3: Great effort Rahul, you have made it simple, thanks for sharing!!! June 24, at 5: June 26, at 9: Thanks Rahul… It is a good document.


July 10, at 2: Am I missing something? July 11, at 9: July 15, at 5: August 15, at 9: August 15, at With this line, we are declaring the work area of type MAKT. Please let me know what code you have written and getting that error.

Okay, In that case please use available type. February 25, at Thanks Rahul for sharing. March 4, at 8: March 16, at 5: Hi Rahul Thanks for the example. August 7, at 5: March 13, at 1: Hi Rahul, I am not able to configure button row.

May 25, at 9: September 19, abaap Please update the same.

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