The Halder Diaries is a collection of diaries written by German Colonel General Franz Halder. His diaries from his time as Chief of the Army General Staff have been an important source for authors who have written about such subjects as Adolf Hitler, World War II and the NSDAP. General Franz Halder served as chief of the German general staff from to , supervising the planning of the Blitzkrieg campaigns and the invasion of. Franz Halder, Chief of the General Staff of the Supreme Command of the Army of Germany (), kept a personal war diary concerning conferences, staff.

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World War II Operational Documents

War Journal of Franz HalderVolume 8. However, Halder declined as he felt he could not work with Reichenau very well, due to a personality dispute. In Hapder he was promoted to Oberstleutnant lieutenant coloneland from October through late he served on the Training staff in the Reichswehr Ministry.

Kept by Halder personally in shorthand it contains notes on conferences, memoranda, staff talks, lectures, Around this date General Wilhelm Keitel was attempting to reorganize the entire upper leadership of the German Army.

The Halder Diaries – Wikipedia

Brauchitsch and Halder had decided to overthrow Hitler after the latter had fixed “X-day” for the invasion of France for 12 Novemberan invasion that both officers believed to be doomed to failure.

Flirt as he did, in September, with those opposed to Hitler, he toed the party line when extreme pressure was exerted for the return of the Sudetenland and its German nationals by the Czechs to Germany. If we do not accept this, we shall beat the enemy, but in thirty years we shall again confront the Communist foe. He died in in Aschau im ChiemgauBavaria. Neither invasion plan was necessary once Mussolini persuaded Hitler and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain back to the bargaining table in Munich.


Save to favorites Saved. Retrieved from ” https: Add or remove other collections to your search: Like General Field Marshal von Manstein, an officer “bound to duty and oath. Halder participated in the strategic planning for all operations in the first part of the war. In the run up to the war, Halder — in an attempt to avoid what they were certain would be a catastrophic war for Germany — was the main actor in a plot with several other generals in the Wehrmacht and Abwehr to remove Hitler from power.

In March Halder was promoted to major and by he served as the Director of Operations Oberquartiermeister of Operations: Incontrary to his post-war claims, Halder did not oppose the Commissar Order. Leach”Halder: The July Plot to Assassinate Hitler. Clarke Library Digital Repository. Recognized as a fine staff officer and planner, in August Halder was promoted to Generalleutnant. Retrieved 31 December Find out more on Wikipedia’s Sister projects.

His service to Germany during Hitler’s reign was plagued by complexity and personal misgivings but his professed role in possible intrigue during his tenure as the Chief of Staff and his survival make for a remarkable story, especially when one considers the plight of others halxer fell into disfavor or mistrust with Hitler. General Erich von Manstein ‘s bold plan for invading France through the Ardennes Forest proved successful, and ultimately led to the Fall of France.

Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. Fellgiebel, Walther-Peer []. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Das Bundesarchiv in German. Halder was not happy about this, but chose to stay on as the best way of ensuring that Germany won the war. He supported Beck’s resistance to Hitler, but when it came to a crunch was no real help. During the s the German military staff thought that Poland might attack the detached German province of East Prussia and developed plans to defend Diwry Prussia.


This article needs additional citations for verification. War journal of Franz Halder. Frnaz catastrophe Halder and the other generals feared was averted.

During he served as sar General Staff officer in the Headquarters of the 2nd Armybefore being transferred to the 4th Army.

The Halder Rfanz Diary — Master of Military Art and Science Theses. This led to future criticism by historians that Halder knew about the killings of Jews much earlier than he later acknowledged during postwar interviews, and that he failed to object to such killings. Skip to main content.

During the invasion of the Soviet Union Halder insisted on focusing on Hslder, despite Hitler’s objections. On 23 Julyfollowing the failed 20 July assassination attempt on Hitler’s life by German Army officers, Halder was arrested by the Gestapo.

Halder was replaced by Kurt Zeitzler on the same day. Views Read Edit View history.

Franz Halder

That battle resulted in Tsaritsyn being renamed Stalingrad. War journal of Franz Halder, volume IV.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Command and General Staff College Foundation. Although he was not involved in the 20 July plot, intense interrogations of the conspirators revealed that Halder had been involved in earlier conspiracies against Hitler. He then became the director of the Manoeuvres Staff.

Rather, he welcomed it, writing that: