Ivan Alexander Galamian was an Iranian-born Armenian violin teacher of the twentieth century. He wrote two violin method books, Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching () and Contemporary Violin Technique (). Galamian. The scales are written out in Galamian’s books, Contemporary Violin Technique, Volumes 1 and 2. I will tell you mostly about the three-octave. Galamian/Neumann Contemporary Violin Technique Book 1.

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During playing in the first position the first finger put on the finger board should form more or less a square, but never a perfect square.

Penetrating vibrato This is a method of training fighting the bad habit beginning a tone without vibrato and beginning the vibrato only after having played a part of the tone. Then the octave h’-h” is balanced between the fingers and depends not only from the little finger with h”. To view or edit this article, go to wikipedia. The tone gets a biting sharpness. The hand can be in the half position playing short passages of the first position when the fingers are long enough and the distance is no problem[.

This will liberate oneself from own delusions by the own subjective eye. When the pupil persons are shy, the self confidence can be elevated by compliments and viooin. The finger tips should come always in a right angle on the string, not important if the finger is forming more or less a square or not, or if the fingers are straight. Only the natural manner is comfortable and useful.

Corresponding to this the bow has to be hold. Staccato is a line of short separated consonant articulated bowings on one bow. And therefore training of music of children is basically a very problematic activity. Violin Home Violinists Ivan Galamian.

In a big hall methov articulation is needed than only in a veranda. In Galamian moved permanently to the United States of America. Basic kinds of shifting are a shifting with the same finger b shifting with the original finger and ending the shifting with another finger c performance of the shifting with the finger of the new tone d hesitated shifting: When there is an irregular bowing [“Viotti violinn.


Vibrato There is the difference between arm vibrato – hand vibrato – and finger vibrato – and all combinations of it. When there are problems of coordination, passages with many changes of strings also can galmian trained without the left hand only playing the pure strings training only the changes of the strings.

For the technique scale studies are useful. CD blocks the development of the own musical personality. Speed of the vibrato When the amplitude is reduced the vibrato speed can be higher with more swings. Direction of vibrato movement should be in a sharp angle to the string, and not parallel. Uploaded by garthus1 on February 9, The temporal coordination in the left hand This is the second essential factor for the development of the vlolin hand: The finger’s swinging is coming from the finger’s first part.

Acceleration of vibrato The wrist has to be bowed in direction to the scroll. Notes belonging to a solo voice should be kept well. The character of the sound is always the same. Add voilin this there is mostly a badly lead Steiner school orchestra demotivating the pupil’s person.

I will not tolerate this and will endeavor to ‘root’ out such behavior wherever I find it and expose it for the corrupt behavior galammian it is. Bowing with broken chords Three part chords: The movement of the left hand Basic movements are: Only methdo the early youth the technique is developing very fast. This procedure has to be coordinated with the leader board of the music school and should not be a problem.

Comprehension for mutual dependence The singular gwlamian of violin technique are in a mutual organic relation. When the position of bowing is changed, so hand and arm should be allowed to adapt and have to find a new balance among themselves.

But keeping the lowest note when the melody is continuing in the bottom line, this requires a breaking procedure top down. Changings of the location of contact are performed — with turning movements with the fingers, inclining methof bow hairs — or are performed with the whole arm: First years There should be installed a good violin technique – but one should not neglect the musical development.


Corrections of the physical posture of the body are best done by Alexander technique].

Ivan Galamian: Basics and methods of violin playing

Large and slow Spiccato “singing Spiccato” is executed more in the lower half of the bow LHfaster and short Spiccato is more executed in the middle of the bow.

There are other breaking procedures which are not so common: When the fingers are too much spread, then the whole hand can cramp. With the time the falling and attacking and the tone should become a unity. The first and the half position have to be well separated. Straight bowing Straight bowing is the base of all bowing technique.

What is essential is the reaction of the muscles to th mental orders, not the force of the muscles.

Ivan Galamian

Special problems of bowings 7. The aim should be to manage some new combinations every day. These regulations also can be executed by variations of the first impulse, by the forefinger of the right hand. Add to this training of double steps passages villin different rhythms is very useful. The square — when the upper arm is long, the position of the bow is a little bit more to the top of the bow — when the bow is on the G string, the bow arm is in a horizontal level, and with every following higher string the arm is inclined a little bit more — the proportion between string and bow hairs should be in a right angle — the shoulders should be always relaxed.