You can find them at ) As I read this book written by Gingery, I noticed that the molds were machined with a lathe and made from aluminum. The general agreement here is that the gingery lathe is a POS, and that you should only build one for practice, not for actually using it. ive been a member here for some time mostly just reading and now this section has been added i may be able to contribute. this is my casting project. i.

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Then green sand castings are used to make a metal lathe.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Likewise for Nebraskan Bill R. This book is part of the seven book series on building a metal shop from scrap. They have a bunch of books on a bunch of lathd, you should check them out if you have never been to their website.

For the second, you can recast and re-bore them whenever you want. You can cast metal cheaply without much outlay of cash by building this furnace and it is an excellent start for a beginner.

Welcome to the Make: Brass usually sets the machine to chattering. I ask because I’m in the same boat as John and have started making the patterns i’ll continue regardless just for the experience so I’d like to know what sort of machine I’ll end up with Not having any machining skills, I was lost.

The Gingery books and, really, most DIY books from that era are: Your changes have been saved. This would be an 8×12 lathe, comparable to Gingery size.


You might also like these newsletters: Please check your email to confirm. The Gingery books and, really, most DIY books from that era are: It does have its plusses.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I made me a Gingery lathe, it’s almost been 10 years now since starting it, I have it in working condition, but I have yet to completely finish it, I got a real latheI haven’t finished the tail stock yet.

Gingery Lathe Re-hashed

But unless you’re using the lathe for production, you shouldn’t have to for decades. Coal forged mushrooms and inlaws do NOT taste good. Views Read Edit View history.

I really love projects like this! You are commenting using your WordPress. Results 1 to 10 of You suggest Babbit bearings, sounds good to me. Another thing that I like about how Lionel done his site, was that he broke the construction of the lathe into different sections and posted them that way.

As I see it “aluminum” is the main problem with the Gingery Lathe as well as most of the Gingery machines. Gnigery I found a guy that was casting metal and building a home made lathe. The disadvantage is higher friction hingery a lower lifespan, but for the first–just get a slightly bigger motor.

David J. Gingery

An Engineer’s job is not done when he can’t add anything else, but when he can no longer take anything away. So one day I decided I was going to build the Gingery lathe and learn what all this machining business was about.

Gingery is noted for gingerj basic methods, seldom used today, in order to make it possible for a skilled hobbyist to build the machines in the book series, usually without the aid of power tools or other expensive instruments.


To be serious though, I started my hobby wanting to learn how to make molds to pour miniatures from lead or pewter llathe then the hobby started to change shape and from from there.

Gingery-style homemade metal lathe builds

My hobby had to support itself and it didn’t have a lathe in its budget. Subscribe to Make Magazine Today! Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

Welcome to the Make: I put all of my effort on rebuilding and buying tooling for the Craftsman lathe that was given to me. To me, this was one of the great learning experiences of a lifetime.

Everything else as you said requires time and labor, of which I can give, especially since I have no J-O-B right now although school is revving for the final push although I am working on gaining an income.

I mean, if Ltahe can do it anyone can. And yes, many of the parts would be a little light in cast iron as well. This maker really sets the standard. I corresponded with Dave back when the books first came out.

The problem I have with it, other than the fact that real surface plates are readily available, is that plate glass isn’t stiff enough to maintain accuracy. As mentioned, the production is well detailed.

The series of gjngery start out with the charcoal foundry.