For this reason, a few shipowners or charterers choose to appoint an exclusive broker since they believe that the exclusive broker will better protect their. Shipbroking is a financial service, which forms part of the global shipping industry . Shipbrokers are specialist intermediaries/negotiators (i.e. brokers) between. Shipbroking is an exciting, fast-paced career with an international outlook – but what do shipbrokers actually do, what separates good from.

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Payment is via credit card and Paypal. While researching job opportunities in the shipping industry, I became confused as to the services each company provides in the industry. The book allows the reader to aquire knowledge which most take years to glean and accumulate. The Virtual Shipbroker October 11, at 7: A truly great guide about the shipping industry.

Shipbroking is a financial servicewhich forms part shipbrokjng the xhipbroking shipping industry. Essential Shipping Negotiation Skills 61 Chapter 9: So what was my goal in writing this manual?

Is Fast Track easy to understand? As a trainee shipbroker I think your fast track is easy to understand. I hang up the phone, ran the calculations and prepared an offer which I sent in a few minutes in order to fix the cargo.

I’mlooking forward to read his training manual.

Dry Cargo brokers maintain large databases of vessel positions, cargoes and rates, paying constant attention to the direction of the markets so as to advise their clients accurately as to how to maximize profits or minimize expenses. So I’ve decided to buy your training manual as well.


Oil being a fast moving trade, freight rates for crude oil tanker charters are most commonly based on the Worldscale Index ; the Worldscale Association publishes flat rates annually.

They can also share their experience on various occasions and help principals with the charter party terms. The only thing that mattered for them was how they would increase their commission. Everything is very clear and shipbroknig to understand even for a complete newbie.

Tanker brokers specialize in the chartering of Tankerswhich requires a different skillset, knowledge and contacts from Dry Cargo broking. Good Luck and Enjoy! The books can be purchased by clicking on the buy cart to your left. A great read and can’t wait for more! Getting in the door 33 Important insids attributes 34 Courses and Degrees 35 Direct Access 36 Hot strategies to enhance your employment prospects 50 Feeder Jobs: After you pay you will be reading them within minutes!

There’s a necessary flow to it. I have allowed limited downloads of the E-book link plus a time frame for expiration – So my suggestion is once you have dowloaded it – print a hardcopy!

What do you usually see: Ego, Greed or Professionalism in your daily ship chartering routine?

Some practical info to go along with the legal aspects of the industry. In my considered opinion, gained over 20 years in the industry, these essential elements should only take 20 percent of your time to absorb and understand.


Hopefully Fast Track will answer some of my more shipbrkoing Questions. Testimonials now available at the bottom! I am a New Yorker and in my circles I encounter mainly financial I-bank types only a handful in the shipping industry. MB June 28, at 1: The ship broker dialogues.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Not only the commission paid to intermediaries might be too high but also the communication shibproking be very difficult and misunderstandings or errors may arise.

Inside Shipbroking – Buy Ship Broking Product on

Think about a fixture with a broking chain of 3 brokers or more. Get started for free. Inside Shipbroking and Shipbroking Fast Track are both ready to go! Ben January 27, at 6: One day, the shipowner realized that the costs of keeping an exclusive broker was higher than any benefits and decided to open its doors to the competitive market.

For ‘Inside Shipbroking’ I have included below various testimonials and a brief outline of the Contents – so that you know exactly what you are getting before you press the purchase button.

I must say the information and advice shipboking the book is both enlightening and informative. Look forward to hearing from you in your blog. Paypal is the largest and most secure payment system on the web.