AY . owned at any time exceed 10 then the regular ITR 4 form has to be filled and not this form Enter the total of column(iv) of Sch TCS in D To file an Income Tax Return electronically, you should download the Income Tax Return (ITR) Utility applicable, fill and generate an XML. ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF ITR No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 for assessment year , having the following particulars. 9.

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Online e-filling is convent and if it is available, people will take interest to file return other wise forget it. I hope the online filling of income tax is too much laborious and also have some knowledge about the Internet.

But most of Tax payees have not concept about the online filling of Income Tax. Further itr-1 sahaj for e filing in excel format is available here http: Bank account number is given at row number 20 and yes no option is asked in row 21 so no relation in between both this row.

Further as these column are mandatory ,you should fill it. Moreover think about a situation where you have wrongly calculated tax on higher side and income tax department wanted to refund money to you. While creating the xml file i get error as Click on compute tax button but i did not get the same. Hi I am getting an error as invalid tax status. What tax status i should put in the income details a.g.2012-13 While uploadingi get the message ‘Error in processing the ITR.

Please contact the DIT Administrator”. What should I do, please guide. Hi My question is 10 lakh is total income or income after all deduction i. I have income irr I am planning to reinvest the capital gain from property to buy a a.y.2012-13 agian. How should I go about filing the tax for it? Is the a.y.20112-13 exempted for such a re-investment?


However for this year i am not able to find PDF utility. Is the PDF utility availble for the a.u.2012-13 – Assesments. I have not sold or bought any stocks last financial year, but I receive dividends on the the existing stocks.

A.y.20121-3 had also invested in NSC some years back which matured in Feb Should the intreest on it be considered as income? I saw one column mentioned below shall i need to show in this column or just in this column as interest is exempted.


Fill your interest in a.y.20112-13 from other source column onlyno need to fill tds 2 sheet as tds has not been deducted by the bank. Interest from bank FDR is not exempted and taxable fully. Nothing is exempted from interest earned in Financial year whether it is from saving bank or fdr.

Both interest are fully taxable. You can deposit through paper challan in you nearest bank accepting tax payment many sbi branches are authorise to accept tax check how to fill and download challan here http: The interest earned on FD is Rs.


Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY and extended to – TDSMAN Blog

I have the TDS certificate of the tax deducted by the bank for this interest earned. The tax deducted by bank is Rs The Form 26AS shows under the ‘TDS deposited section’ the tax deposited by my employer for the salary part and the tax deposited by the bank for the FD interest part My query is that in the ITR form under the Income from Other sources should I mention the complete value of the interest earned through the FD.

Also in Section 24 of the ITR form what a.y.20122-13 i fill under the column ‘Amount out of total deductions claimed for this year’. Thanks for your help. Moreover if you have any interest from other source like saving bank etc that is also to be added in fdr interest and sum of all the interest is to be shown in this column.

In this column Give again in both column is to be shown and in year is to be filled instead of Exempt income for reporting purposes only In this column you should report PPF interest or any other exempted income.

Sir, actually i can provide the information in figures only i mean for eg i can give only but no ifr information can be added here as cell is protected. Fill only figure ,no description to be added. But on the e filing utility Excel sheet you have to fill only that column which is required to be filled. Thank u sir i filled my challan just now of rs using that FORM as per your advise.

The tax deducted by the bank is Rs I had not provided my PAN no.

My query is that whether I can show this interest earned from the FD in the ‘Income from w.y.2012-13 sources’ and also the tax deducted by the bank in S. Yesyou should show the income and tds but you have to contact bank also and provide them your pan a.y.201-13 ask him to update your pan in etd return ,otherwise Income tax department will issue you demand notice.

At present bank has issued me form 16A wherein my PAN no. Further it should be shown in your form irt also. Form 12 Is no more applicable. In fact form number was 12C. Now you should prepare Income tax tentative details on plain paper. Give details of pension to be received and details of other income in it then deduct saving from gross income and prepare tentative tax statement and submit to bank and write them not to deduct tax.

Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY 2012-13 and 2013-14 extended to 31.03.2014

If they don’t except you can complaint to their senior officers or bank Zonal office. They have to accept your declaration. However they can aa.y.2012-13 saving proof from you. It is a wonderful article and also the replies by Raja Babu are spot on. I have also one doubt, for Raja Babu, i have indicated my interest income to my employer and they have deducted the TDS and a.y.2012-31 it in form Waiting for your reply You should show interest income in Income from other source. Further In tds one also show salary income as per form 16 without adding interest ,however TDS full should be filed in tds columns.


Dear Sir, While entering year of deduction, I am facing problem. For no problem but when I put Message comes that ‘The value you entered is not valid, a user a.y.20112-13 restricted value that can be entered into this cell’ Please advise how to enter Regards, Asish. Yes ,because for yearis to be written and as the year is to be shown for year which is yet to come so the error is shown by the software.

Usually it itf take three four days to up date form 26AS but as you have challan in your hand then I don’t think you should wait for form 26as update.

Later or sooner it will updated. Pls provide salary information like pay in pay bandgrade paytotal basic ,da, HRA received etc further you can avail hra benefit by deducting it from salary amount shown at sr no -1 in itr Sir attributes of my salary are as follows: Upg Allowance Now month wise the detail is as follows: Arrears is not be taken.

I suggest that you should forget about HRA exemption at least for Financial year Actually let me tell u frankly I filed my return for AY manually through agent and got a notice under section 1 to pay Rs. On intimating the same the mistake was rectified and the order was issued by DCIT. Now, for the AYI filed e-return and the refund due was Rs.

I sent the copy of notice I received and the rectification order to CPC requesting them to refund the above amount. In reply, I 44 informed to file rectification and upload the xml file, as the return was filed electronically.

I did the same. In my Form 26A, the amount is shown against Government. How should I get back a.y.0212-13 refund? Thank you in advance. When i generate the XML it says, Please correct tax status on sheet: Hence I selected “Nil tax payable” and I am also getting the same error.

It is only accepting tax refundable option. You will come to know about your mistake. It was generating XML only when I selected refund option. Hence I went ahead and uploaded the xml with refund as tax status. But the receipt ITR-V is showing the following. Hi, My employer deducted a total tax of Rs But as per the ITR excel tool, payable tax on my income is coming out to be Rs What should I do?

How can I pay this Rs 1? Can I wrongly mention in the tool that my tax deducted by my employer is ?

Fill only correct figureskeep one rupee payable as department will not raise demand for one rupees. Hello sir, I’ve purchased Assured Utr Property recently. I have no other income, monthly income Please provide more details about the a.y.2012-133 from assured property returnnature of income whether it is interest or nature is rent or other type. I have income from salary and fixed deposit.

You can file itr-1 2. I want to claim return which forms should i fill?