A Japanese historian examines why Japan went to war. Alfred A. Knopf, , pages When Japan attacked the United States in Japan Countdown to Infamy. By Eri Hotta. pp. Alfred A. Knopf, $ Why did Japan start a war its top leaders knew it had. In Japan Countdown to Infamy, Japanese author Eri Hotta attempted to discuss this question via use of newly revealed information from.

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In the end The west has long been obsessed with Nazi Germany and its lessons.

Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy

japam She taught at Oxford from Yet we have to be careful; as illogical and unimaginable as onfamy have behaved inwould we not have done the same? The great question that students of World War II have asked is how could Japan, with the fraction of the population, resources, and manufacturing capabilities of the United States, attack that country and seriously think it would win, or at least force a stalemate. It is a very well-written and researched book.

What this book does is to show that such a momentous decision ifamy not arrived in a clinical and logical fashion, rather readers of this book would not help noticing how illo Those who are interested in understanding of the events that led to Japan’s fateful decision to attack Pearl Harbor will find this book an important one to read.

Hotta provides several reasons. It is hard to say. Trivia About Japan Military pressures on civilian leadership did not help. Eri Hotta, a Japanese historian, tackles a subject that much of her country, even today, has difficulty talking about – the events leading up to Japan’s disastrous decision to go to war with the United States.

Hotta does not shy away from according blame to certain f Eri Hotta’s book is a detailed, sequential summary of Japan’s decision enter cluntdown with the West in The war in China used tremendous resources and brought Japan into conflict with the United States.


Japan Countdown to Infamy by Eri Hotta

Jul 17, Jennings Peeler rated it it was amazing Shelves: They felt they had to choose between waging a reckless war and giving up all of Japan’s imperialistic conquest of infaym years in order to stave off war. Still not sure what the point of the inclusion of the Soviet spy, R 2. Even though everyone was in theory a servant of the Emperor, whose own powers were theoretically limited by the Japanese Constitution which gave him nominal but little actual legal authorityno one was really “in charge” of everything.


Jul 20, Steven Z. As such Eri Hotta’s book is almost as much a study of the psychology of very bad decision making, as a historical account.

Hirohito replied that there was neither constitutional provision nor historical precedent for the Emperor overturning a recommendation agreed on by both japsn civilian and military leaders. Pacific Fleet berthed at Pearl Harbor. Even if he did have private inffamy that going to war was folly, he had been one of its major factors as he had led the expansion of territory in China.

When Japan launched hostilities against the United States inargues Eri Hotta, its leaders, in large part, understood they were entering a war they were almost certain to lose. The fascinating issue with Hotta’s research is that while we already know the outcome of the events, her retelling is so vivid and detailed, stressing key personalities, bad relationships, and the folly of leadership, that one remains engrossed in the narrative until its tragic conclusion.

All the while, fanatical junior officers maneuver their supposed superiors via rose-colored projections and staff work that channel discussions toward ever more bellicose military and diplomatic options.

So we will probably never know if Hirohito could have stopped the war, let alone whether he actually wanted to. They were getting mixed signals. It is a contextual case study of personal and collective failures in a time of crisis.

Writing style left much to be desired for me. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. In the midst of panicked last-minute efforts by some diplomats to avoid war, Hirohito met with his brother, a Navy Admiral. As Alfred Adler pointed out in his studies of the inferiority complex; that people and nations? The Countdodn government did not deliver a declaration of hapan to Washington on Dec.

Book review: ‘Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy,’ by Eri Hotta

At a time when the long drawn out war in China was reaching a stalemate, why would Japan contemplate a war against the United States? Hotta is not forgiving toward her infa,y for its actions before or after the bombing.

Its about Japan’s decision to go to war with the U. As Hotta tells it, basically everyone knew that war would be a horrific mistake and that Japan would be destroyed. I cant 19411 on whether or not the history is correct in terms of infwmy much the Japanese vacillated on their decisions on if and how to attack. Still I must commend her for being very immaculate, for example she used “U.


This would eliminate the U. The last point I wanted to mention was the drive jaapn consensus. In addition, if they didn’t get action fast enough, they were inclined to assassinate those who stood infxmy their way. The Attack on Pearl Harbor On December 1, a week or so after the initial departure date, the Japanese attack fleet left for its attack on Pearl.

Four and one-half 4. Even though there were some unique circumstances that led Japan to this decision, there were also numerous circumstances that can be found in some current nations and that lend credence to the saying “Those who do not learn The book is a thorough, exhaustive analysis of Japan’s political, military, and social conditions japsn up to the Pearl Harbor attack.

The signing of the Tripartite Treaty with Nazi Germany Italy was essentially a non-factor was seen as a heinous act in the West, but regarded as something not so important in the Japanese corridors of power.

I had thought that the bombing came out of nowhere. And yet, they went ahead, gambling with their nation and people. The last half of 19th countdowb was a period when European nationalism flourished and began to spread its 19941 eastward. Despite the “Japan Banzai! According to the records she presents, the home government had no say in the decision and was against it. Drawing on material litt A groundbreaking history that considers the attack on Pearl Harbor from the Japanese perspective and is certain to revolutionize how we think of the war in the Pacific.

However, I think most of the blame could be pointed at the military, especially the Army, who pushed Japan towards war, infzmy though the Navy was the one who cokntdown the most fighting. Study of how Japan’s political leadership blundered into a war with the United States, even after it had been at war with China since He worked for a non-aggression pact with the Soviets in to get himself in the news again, and then, after Germany invaded in June of that year, then wanted to invade them from the east.