Get here Jaycar Electronics Sales and the latest deals from Sydney stores. ✓ Start saving now!. Be the first to know about our newest products, specials and promotions. JOIN NOW. CUSTOMER SERVICE. About Jaycar · Contact Us · Delivery & Returns. Our Company. Jaycar Electronics is a leading Australian and New Zealand electronics retail company that is committed to providing our customers with quality.

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Shop online for monthly ads, catalogues, and flyers for jayxar latest deals on semiconductors, batteries, chargers, tools, speakers, power supplies, and more! Place where one in respected.

Turn shop on and put out advert signs on road. Learnt many technical things while working there, however nothing a cstalogue internet search wouldn’t have told me.

With very little proper interaction between the shop floor and upper management, many things do not get communicated properly. The unfortunate closure of RTM in Campbellfield destroyed my employment situation, but Jaycar were able to put my current skills to use and give me a second chance.

People used to come were from the electronics domain so they were also the source of learning for us. This has been a highly interesting environment, with many new aspects to learn about.

Manager and especially my assistant manager was a nicest person. Our Company Jaycar Electronics is a leading Australian and New Jaycqr electronics retail company that is committed to providing our jaycat with quality, range, and value for money. Find My Location or.


Learned a vast array of Knowledge for Payroll processing from start to finish for New Zealand. The latest edition can be purchased from any Jaycar store or online. Visit the Shopfully website and app to find a store near you! The data will only be used for the purposes of providing a quality and personalized service. Shown 10 of 23 shops.

Despite the name, we dont cataalogue car parts we sell electronics. Most enjoyable was working cztalogue a great team. Skill-wise I have learned how to rapidly learn new information and retain it, retain long strings of numbers and information, process reports, data entry, stock management, scheduling, etc.

Jaycar Electronics Employee Reviews

Jaycar Electronics Employee Reviews Review this company. The work itself was rather light and my coworkers were easy to work with but management’s lack of shifts meant that I had little money to show for my efforts and I was not given a reference when I was laid off. The environment was quite friendly and i learnt a lot from my colleagues.

Find out how in settings I understood. Found 23 reviews matching the search See all 29 reviews. Find out how in settings. Management are a “Boys Club” often sexist. If you are interested in learning about electronics or have a project you wish to complete, Jaycar can help to acheive that as we sell loads of specific parts. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Jaycar Electronics.

Jaycar Electronics Australia | eBay Stores

The hardest part of the job would be dealing with the attitude of people but I learnt to cope and deal with them. We have a passion for electronics and are proud of the unique products we bring to our customers.


Prductive and fast pace. So I’d always get to work 10 to 15 mins early so I could get a iced coffee and get to work on time if not before, I have a quick chat to the manager about the plan for the day.

Depending upon the department your working within you will find that Sales fcfcxxx. Pretty much all of them are sycophantic sadists. Productive and fun, constantly changing environment. So then it would be time cataloguw unload any new stock and check it all off the list, then proceed to ctaalogue the stock onto the shop floor and into back stock room iaycar didn’t fit in shop, all at the same time as serving customers.

Store level staff are ok to work with but nothing ever changes as far as culture or procedures that are meant to make the workplace smarter.

Jaycar Electronics specials and latest catalogue with amazing deals

They scour the world to bring you the widest range at the lowest price. The store managers are, for every one I’ve met, amazing and giving people. The management above store level is, almost without fail, abhorrent.

Customers always come first.