THE DOCTRINE OF ABSOLUTE. PREDESTINATION. JEROME ZANCHIUS. ( ). With. OBSERVATIONS ON THE DIVINE ATTRIBUTES,. NECESSARY. A terse statement concerning the doctrine of Predestination. Having considered the attributes of God as laid down in Scripture, and so far cleared our way to the doctrine of predestination, I shall, before I enter further on the.

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There is one thing all history testifies to, namely, that what the world calls Calvinism is the only doctrine that produces civil and religious liberty, pure and undefiled religion, national independence and prosperity, whilst all other systems produce superstition, worldliness and national decay, only to end in lawlessness, Bolshevism and destruction.

He, who alone is all-wise and all-just, can in reality however things appear to us do wrong to no absolutte, neither can He do anything unwisely or rashly. The reason is this: To multiply Scriptures on this head would be almost endless; for a sample, consult Pro For as soon as anyone by believing doth conceive himself to be one of God’s elect children, he earnestly desireth to procure unto himself by prayer those good things which he believeth that God prepared for His children before the foundation of the world.

By their sins they have made themselves guilty of death, and as it is not the will of God to pardon those sins and grant them repentance unto life, the punishment of such impenitent sinners is as unavoidable as it is just.

Exclude, therefore, O Christian, the article of sovereign predestination from thy ministry or from thy faith, and acquit thyself if thou art able from the charge of robbing God. To conquer this is to endure it. Paul declares, “It is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth,” and yet exhorts the Corinthians so to run as to obtain the prize. So far as the Gospel is maimed or any branch of the evangelical system is suppressed and passed over in silence, so far the Gospel is not preached.

Share your thoughts with other customers. The first forty-two pages describes God as He is predestintion in His holy Word. Such a precarious, dependent love were unworthy of God, and calculated to produce but a scanty and cold reciprocation of love from man. Now, it is as incompatible with the infinite wisdom and knowledge of the all-comprehending God to be ignorant of the names and number of the rational creatures He has made as predesrination He should be ignorant of the stars and the other inanimate products of His almighty power, and if He knows all men in general, taken in the lump, He may well be said, in a more near and special sense, to know them that are His by election 2Ti 2: The verb predestinate is of Latin original, and zancgius, in that tongue, to deliberate beforehand with one’s self how one shall act; and in consequence of such deliberation to constitute, fore-ordain and predetermine where, when, how and by whom anything shall be done, and to what end it shall be done.


You object, ‘If these things are so, who Will endeavour to amend his life? You cannot, you dare not say this.

But who dares absolutw lay either of these accusations to the Divine charge? No wonder, then, that our Lord concludes that chapter with these remarkable words, “I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Thy sight.

Add to this that the Scripture view of predestination includes the means as well as the end. The word means to ‘deliberate beforehand with ones’ self how one shall act; and in consequence of such deliberation to constitute, fore-ordain, and predetermine where and when, how and by whom anything shall be done, and jeromf what end it shall be done. He is to say neither more nor less than the instructions of his court require, else he comes under displeasure, perhaps loses his head.

It is true, indeed, that all conclusions of this nature are not now infallible, but our judgments are liable to mistake, and God only, whose is the book of life, and who is the Searcher of hearts, can absolutely know them that are His 2Ti 2: Some, however, call it unjust for one to be delivered while another, though no more guilty than the former, is condemned; if it be just to punish one, it would be but justice to punish both.

Therefore, if it be the will of God in time to permit such and such men to continue in their natural state of ignorance and corruption, the natural consequence of predestinatoin is their falling into such and such sins observe God does not force them into sin, their actual disobedience being only the consequence of their not having that grace which God is zanfhius obliged to grant them -I say, if it be the will of God thus to leave them in time and we must deny demonstration itself, even known absolute matter of fact, if we deny that some are so leftthen it must have been the Divine intention from all eternity so to leave them, since, as we have already had occasion to observe, no new will can possibly arise in the mind of God.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. And the apostle assures the same Thessalonians, whom he reminds of their election and Abso,ute everlasting appointment of them to obtain salvation, that this also was His will concerning them, even their sanctification 1Th 1: How can we look upon God as our gracious Father and upon Christ as our unchangeable Redeemer?

Besides, it being also evident that many, even of them who live in places where the Gospel is preached, as well as of those among whom it never was preached, die strangers to God and holiness, and without experiencing anything of the gracious influences of His Spirit, we may reasonably and safely conclude that one cause of their so dying is because it was not the Divine will to communicate His grace unto them, since, jero,e it been His will, He would actually have made them partakers thereof, and had they been partakers of it they could not have died without it.


Melancthon prosecutes the argument much further, but this may suffice for a specimen; and it is not unworthy of notice that Luther so highly approved of Melancthon’s performance, and especially of the first chapter from whence the predestinagion extract is giventhat he Luther thus writes of it in his epistle to Erasmus, prefixed to his book “De Serv.

And the accurate Maestricht, Celebratio ceu manifestatio quae magis proprie glorificatio, quam gloria appellaturqua, agnita intus eminentia, ejusque congrua aestimatio, propalatur et extollitur. Thus, in the whole course of this procedure, there is no respect of persons.

Articles, make the very same observation, and nearly in the same zzanchius He shows that it ought to be publicly taught, describes the necessity and usefulness of preaching it, and points out the manner of doing it to edification. This would be a pretty way indeed of stopping up the gap Erasmus complains of! What a wide gap does the publication of this tenet open among men for the commission of all ungodliness!

The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination

Copyright Still Waters Revival Books. And how dishonourable to, how inconsistent with, and how notoriously subversive of the dignity of God such a blasphemous supposition would be, and how irreconcilable with every one of His allowed attributes is predstination easy to observe.

Vox enim est efficaciae summae, ut notant grammatici veteres; et signate vocatur a Paulo, consilium illius, qui efficaciter omnia operatur ex beneplacito suo. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The truths therefore, respecting predestination in all its branches, should be taught and published, they, no less than the other mysteries of Predeestination doctrine, being proper objects of faith on the part of God’s people.

The Doctrine of Absolute Predestination by Jerome Zanchius – Still Waters Revival Books

Until then you are only hovering about in quest of true felicity. Now, could any of these be lost, God would be disappointed of His will and expectation; but He cannot be so disappointed, therefore they can never perish. His ultimate scope in the creation of the elect is to evidence and make known by their salvation the unsearchable riches of His power and wisdom, mercy and love, and the creation of the non-elect is for the display of His justice, power, sovereignty, holiness and truth.

But now, since these matters cannot be adequately comprehended by us in the present state of imperfection, there is room for the exercise of faith. And if He knows who are His, He must, consequently, know who are not His, 1: But beside the testimony of reason, the Divine Word is full and express to our purpose; it frequently, and in terms too clear to be misunderstood, and too strong to be evaded by any who are not proof against the most cogent evidence, attests this tremendous truth, that some are “of old fore-ordained to condemnation.