Zoe’s Tale: An Old Man’s War Novel [John Scalzi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How do you tell your part in the biggest tale in history?. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In the touching fourth novel set in the Old Man’s Zoe’s Tale: An Old Man’s War Novel – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Zoe’s Tale wouldn’t work if it weren’t for Zoë. John Scalzi insists the character is not based on his daughter. But he has poured enough paternal love into the.

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Preview — Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi. How do you tell your part in the biggest tale in history? I ask because it’s what I have to do. I’m Zoe Boutin Perry: A colonist stranded on a deadly pioneer world.

Holy icon to a race of aliens. A player and a pawn in a interstellar chess match to save humanity, or to see it fall. Everyone on Earth knows th How do you tell your part in the biggest tale in history? Everyone on Earth knows the tale I am part of. But you don’t know my tale: How I did what I did — how I did what I had to do — not just to stay alive but to keep you alive, too.

I’m going to tell it to you now, the only way I know how: Everything that happened, bringing us to Earth, and Earth out of its captivity. All through my eyes. It’s a story you know. But you don’t know it all. Hardcoverpages. Published August 19th by Tor Books first published August Old Man’s War 4. Andre Norton Award Nominee To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Zoe’s Taleplease sign up. Do I have to read this book in order to get on with the series? D You most definitely do not need to read this book to go on in the series, this particular cheap trick to squeeze some cash from us don’t add anything …more You most definitely do not need to read this book to go on in the series, this particular cheap trick to squeeze some cash from us don’t add anything to the overall, and very good, storyline.

Maybe the 2 last chapters can be interesting, but not nearly important. Who narrated the audiobook? It’s not shown on the audible website yet everyone else seems to be. Nicholas Anderson Tavia Gilbert I’m not sure why Audible doesn’t have her credited. See all 3 questions about Zoe’s Tale…. Lists with This Book. Jun 11, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: Scalzi has never met an alien or even a setting that he’s wanted to actually describe. I’d like to take this book and smack those readers across the head with it lightly.

Scalzi does a great job with Zoe and her voice. View all 17 comments. Dec 26, Dan Schwent rated it really liked it Shelves: While the Roanoke Colony survive with the Conclave breathing down xcalzi neck? Instead of being a pointless rehash, Zoe’s Tale ends up being an emotional tale and completely worth the effort.

  LTH 209-01 PDF

Zoe’s Tale

Re-telling The Last Colony from Zoe’s point of view served multiple purposes. It fleshed out some bits of the Last Colony that weren’t very clear, like why the werewolves stopped attacking the colony and where the sapper field came from. The society of the Obin and their relationship to the Consu was expanded. It also gave us an talee to the lives of Zoe and her friends. Zoe’s telling of the events was hilarious, as funny as Abby Normal narrating Christopher Moore’s Bite Me without being so distracting.

The Scalz did a good job of recreating teenage relationships and the relationship between Zoe and her Obin saclzi nearly yanked a tear from my manly tear ducts. Zoe’s Tale was quite an enjoyable read. I loved the additional scenes with General Gau and the interplay between Zoe and her friends and family. Once again, Scalzi has me wrapped around his little finger.

Thoughts on Zoe’s Tale

View all 3 comments. Aug 04, Lyn rated it really liked it. Scalzi published The Last Colony inthe third in his wildly popular Old Man’s War universe and it was good SF, garnering a nod from the Hugo award committee with a nomination for best novel. Scalzi demonstrates his great talent and in doing so also gives us an English Lit lesson in perspective. Libertarian ideals about individualism and community as well as our responsibilities to ourselves and to our society are sorted out from a strong female lead who is also coming to terms with her first kiss.

A very good SF book and another great story from John Scalzi. Jun 25, Mayim de Vries rated it did not like it. What is worse than writing a bad book? Writing it twice under two different titles. The question is whether it What is worse than writing a bad book? The question is whether it was truly necessary to present them in a separate novel. I am sad to say that from volume to volume the series clearly loses its attractiveness and quality.

This is my general reflection regarding the whole series: If you enjoy the world and want to have more fun with the protagonists, go for it, but do not expect incredible developments.

I will continue to the Human Division but honestly just for the sake of finishing the series. View all 18 comments.

This was a 3-star book until the last hundred or so joohn, where it really shined and Scalzi reminded us why he’s one of the kings of modern science-fiction. But it’s so much more than a simple regurgitation.

Where Scaozi Last Colony replaced politics for The Ghost Brigades ‘s action, Zoe’s Tale is a sto This was a 3-star book until the last hundred or so pages, where it really shined and Scalzi reminded us why he’s one of the kings of modern science-fiction. Scalzi absolutely nails the teenager narration, though you’ll have to take that statement with a grain of salt seeing as how neither the author nor myself have ever been teenage girls. At least he explains this wizardry in the acknowledgements.

That being said, sometimes it got a bit too teenager-y, which isn’t a criticism so much as a reflection that it didn’t particularly resonate with me being twenty-odd years old now.


Zoe’s Tale – Wikipedia

Much in the same way that reading Harry Potter for the first time right now wouldn’t have the same impact as when I read them as jhon child. Like I said, the last few hundred pages make the whole book worthwhile, with a much bigger emotional hit when [spoiler for [book: The Last Colony ]] view spoiler [Enzo dies hide spoiler ] and of the events overall. Once you get into the swing of the book, you’ll hardly be able to put it down.

It hit home in a way I didn’t expect, so Mr. Scalzi, I offer you my sincerest and Dogeiest “wow.

To use the same plot as the one in The Last Jobnbut told from a different point of view, is a dangerous thing to do. Well, I really should sclzi trusted Scalzi because of course he pulls it off. Zoe has a great voice, quite similar to John Perry’s, with the same humour but tons more sarcasm, and that ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ that teenagers have.

After a few pages, I was sold and completely engrossed in this character’s percepti 4.

SF : Zoe’s Tale / John Scalzi ★★★½

After a few pages, I was sold and completely engrossed in this character’s perception and feelings. This is quite a feat from the author, because Zoe could have very easily turned out into a monster. Additionally, he added just the sfalzi amount of new material, fleshing out some characters, adding to some scenes or creating totally new ones, that slotted perfectly with the events related in the previous book, making the reader add ‘known’ data automatically. Jul 31, Mark rated it it was ok Jonh What a cynical cash grab this book feels like.

What else can you say about a book that came out the next year after the scalzzi book where the author proclaimed, in post-text notes, that the story had been concluded? And yet, before long, there arrived Zoe’s Tale, a story told in parallel to The Last Colony, first-person in the perspective of Zoe Boutin-Perry, as you might expect from such a titled book. Zoe Gumps her way around ze periphery of the story, occasionally re-hashing conversations that already took place, verbatim, in the previous book, with little added value to giving us her perspective on those matters.

There is no tension to be found in the story because the reader of the series is already aware of exactly who does and who doesn’t die, and when. There is little entertainment to be found in this teenage angst-heavy story if only because these people don’t feel like teenagers stuck on a 20th century-ish tech seed colony. The sense of humor is just so particular, so right now, just this very specific kind of snark that’s apparently preserved exactly through the centuries, as humans expand across the fabric of space.

There’s little cultural differences to be seen or explored through the ten different groups of colonial people.