ley actualizada pdf viewer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley actualizada pdf viewer. Will be grateful for any help!. ejecución;. 6. LEY NACIONAL DE SIDA Nº Y SU DECRETO REGLAMENTARIO N°/91 mantendrán actualizada, con fines estadísticos y epi-. cantidad de 24, camas del MINSA, ESSALUD y Sanidades, del total de una propuesta de Ley de Acreditación de Facultades de Medicina. aproximada de cuán actualizada está la biblioteca y/o los centros de.

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An Act to promote equality of opportunity for all persons by protecting them from unfair discrimination in certain areas of activity and from sexual harassment and certain associated objectionable conduct. Also deals with some related matters.

actuualizada Its functions include advising and assisting actualiizada in promoting and improving gender equality in the workplace and undertaking research and programs for the purpose of promoting and improving gender equality in the workplace. If a relevant employer fails to comply with this Act, the Agency may name the employer in a report given to the Minister or by electronic or other means for example, on the Agency’s website or in a newspaper.

Repeals Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation That section sets out the other purpose of the Account.

Amends the Equal Opportunity Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. Regulates the types of activity subjected to notification and actuailzada thereof. Racial Hatred Act No. Part 1 – Preliminary Part 2 – Application and actualizadz provisions Part 3 – Concept of age discrimination Part 4 – Unlawful age discrimination Division 1 – Simplified outline Division 2 – Discrimination in work Division 3 – Discrimination in other areas Division 4 – General exemptions Division 5 – Exemptions granted by Commission Part 5 – Offences Division 1 – General rules relating to offences Division 2 – Specific offences Part 6 – Functions of the Australian Human Rights Commission Part 6A – Age Discrimination Actializada Part 7 – Miscellaneous Schedule 1 – Laws for which an exemption is provided by subsection 39 1 Schedule 2 – Provisions of laws for which an exemption is provided by subsection 39 1A.


Also makes minor wording changes in articles 11, 24, 26, Family Law Reform Act No. Savings and transitional provisions Provides that the provisions of Part IVA of the Equal Opportunity Act shall not have effect in relation to a person who has an impairment by reason of suffering from an infectious disease and who is lawfully detained in a prison, for as long as the person remains in lawful custody.

Also amends the following: This Amendment of the Sex Discrimination Act provides that it is unlawful for a person exercising discretion with respect to the payment of a superannuation benefit to discriminate on the basis of sex or marital status of the applicant. Amends the Equal Opportunity Act so as to prohibit sexual harassment on the part of judicial officers and members of Parliament. Section 72, on discrimination by associations on the ground of impairment, is amended.

ley 24557 actualizada pdf viewer

Further amendments actualizadaa indicated in a Schedule. In particular, sets main concepts; procedure of registration of notification and persons who carry out activity subjected to notification; validity terms of notification; termination and suspension of the right to activity; types of activity subjected to notification establishing the list of the activities.

Amends Social Security Act in relation to family benefits. The schedule deals with consequential amendments. Section 18E provides for vicarious liability if racist statements are made by an agent or employee of actualiada person.

Provides for local government in Victoria.

Regulations relating to pension benefits of coal industry workers, including provisions concerning disablement, benefits on termination actuakizada employment, death benefits, additional payments in repect of dependents, temporary cessation of employment and leave without pay. Mechanism of Ensuring Gender Equality Chapter 5: Associated highly objectionable conduct Chapter 6: Australia – Igualdad de oportunidades y de trato – Ley. Defines concept of “public space” and exempts statements made in the context of an artistic performance, reporting, or an academic work.

Age Discrimination Act No. Made under the Family Law Act Section 35 of the principal Act in respect of discrimination by association on ground of sex, marital status or pregnancy, is amended. Social Security Amendment Act No. Provisions in respect to presecribed pensions, allowances and benefits.


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Amends the Social Security Act in relation to, inter alia, parenting allowance, income tests, partner allowance, education entry payments for wife pension and widow, mature age partner, partner and parenting allowance recipients and inserts a new Part 2. Equal Opportunity Act Amendment Act, Decreto sobre asignaciones familiares para jubilados y pensionados.

Various amendments relating to qualification for and payment of home child care allowances and partner allowances. The objects of this Act are to eliminate discrimination against persons on the grounds of disability in areas of work, accomodation, education, access to premises, clubs and sport, and the provision of goods, facilities, services and land.

Anti-Discrimination Act No. Act applies to all public authorities of more than 40 employees. Amendment of Industrial Relations Act Child Support Assessment Act Health Brothels Regulations The Agency may review a relevant employer’s compliance with this Act by seeking further information from the employer. Also prohibits victimisation, and regulates procedural matters. Provides for application of Act to ships connected with Queensland, prohibition of racial and religious vilification, and some related matters.

Provides that the Act does not render unlawful acts done in order to comply with the provisions of an award or industrial agreement made or approved under the Industrial Relations Act S.

Industrial Relations Regulations Amendment S. Racial and Religious Tolerance Act No. Family Law Regulations Amendment S. This Act requires various employers relevant employers to lodge reports each year containing information relating to various gender equality indicators for example, equal remuneration between women and men.

An Act to provide supplementary financial assistance to advance the education of Aboriginal persons, and for related purposes, including equal access to educational facilities.