such as LATAM Airlines Chile, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines .. In accordance with the Ley sobre Sociedades Anónimas No. 18, 26, , , Items 1 – 6 the financial and insurance system, overseas, located in Peru, in case of is not applicable for the obligations constituted in favor of a. of time before the inventory required by law 26, is finished and both projects are cautelares-que-frenaban-la-aplicacion-de-la-Ley-de-Glaciares/ . the case of Barrick Gold Corporation enLatinoamérica (Chile, Peru and.

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In Peru, resources were mainly allocated towards improvements in drawing and cabling machines. In Chile, the employees of the Company who are subject to collective bargaining agreements receive an indemnification for each year worked exclusive of the remuneration discussed aboveequivalent to 30 days of salary for each full year, and fraction thereof that is worked.

Enrique Sotomayor has served as legal counsel and secretary of the Board of Directors since There were no impairments or reversals of impairments recorded from to Furthermore, the Company sells directly to durable good manufacturers as well as to large end-user clients engaged in the curtain wall business and in window and patio door fabrication.

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The profile sales system suffered an important change at the end of The second stage is scheduled to be completed by the end of Plus accrued and unpaid interest totaling U. In each case, sales are also shown peri a percentage of the total for the corresponding division or business unit: Duringthe Company expects lower sales due to the deterioration of the Chilean construction sector. These statements relate to prru and other information, which are based on forecasts of future results and estimates of amounts not yet determinable.


E-mail requests may be directed to ir madeco.

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A corporation must distribute any bonus stock in the same manner. The bonds will be fungible and trade as a single series with the currently outstanding 5.

Because of the sale of the Cables unit, this business plan does not include this operative unit. On June266339 signed a collective bargaining agreement with a union that represented company employees. Consequently, the Company has the ability to establish financial and operational policies and strategies, which under Chilean GAAP is sufficient to infer control and require consolidation.

This decrease is mainly due to an In Chile, Argentina and Peru, Madeco dedicates substantial effort toward developing strong long-term relationships with each of its major customers.

The following table sets forth the low, high, average and period-end Observed Exchange Rates for U. On an annual basis, all Chilean copper purchasers must inform Cochilco of their estimated copper requirements for the upcoming year. GAAP — deferred income taxes and reversals of depreciation in increased value from technical revaluation of property, plant and equipment.

Braziland tin is purchased mainly from Minsur S.

The objective of the new operation was to supply the large mass consumer product companies in Argentina, as well as access the significant Brazilian market.

The Securities Market Pedu also provides that when one or more persons intend to takeover a corporation subject to oversight by the SVS, they must give prior public notice. On November 12,Armat S.

InAlusa S. Because of the reduction in inflationary pressure resulting from this more stable price environment, the government believes that the inflation rate will converge to the target rate set by the Central Bank. However, the gross margin decreased from The Company generally uses these loans for the financing of trade transactions, working capital and other pru corporate purposes.


This position had been vacant since Mr. Of special importance was the U.

The following table sets forth information concerning the production facilities of the Company as of December 31, In the case of minted coins, the central bank of each 266639 provides the dies to produce 266399 samples or ARMAT develops them with the cooperation of the Chilean Mint.

Duringthe Argentine economy grew by 7. The amount of resources obtained from operations may be affected, however, by a variety of factors. Except for the changes described above, there are no other changes contained in this Amendment No.

The majority of the PVC profiles sold in the market are imported from different countries. Change in gross Central Bank reserves 7.

The contents of this website are not incorporated into this Annual Report. This transaction was successfully completed on September 30, Prospective investors should rely on the information provided in this prospectus supplement, the accompanying prospectus and the documents incorporated by reference in this prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus. Secondly, the previous year included extraordinary gains that were not repeated indue to epru sharp rise in the copper price in April, May and June