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The disagreement between the theoretical and experimental values for the negative regulator is not alarming. However, with the Dataeheet package, care should be taken to minimize the wire length of the output lead. Zener avalanche Reference Employing Ion Implantation to Produce a Subsurface Breakdown In National’s line of three-terminal regulators, both band-gap and subsurface zeners are used.

Since the IOOuA current from the adjustment terminal represents an error term, the LM was designed to minimize IaDJ anc ‘ make it very constant with line and load changes. Of course, programming currents other than 5 mA can be used depending upon the application. On all lm035h tests, even though power dissipation is internally limited, electrical tions apply only up to Pq.

The adjustment terminal can be bypassed to ground on the LMHV to improve ripple rejection. The voltages available allow these regulators to be used in logic systems, instrumentation, HiFi, and other solid state electronic equipment.

Values given may be increased without limit.

The LMP is also a possibility as seen from this figure, although a marginal one on the basis of Iout max. External Capacitors An input bypass capacitor is recommended.

To do this, all quiescent operating current is returned to the output establishing a mini- mum load current requirement. This will turn “ON” the transistor and pull down the adjustment terminal of the LM, causing all outputs to decrease, minimizing possible damage to the rest ratasheet the circuitry. Ceramic capacitors are also good at high frequencies; but some types have a large decrease in capacitance at frequencies around 0.


Datasheet LM3-1 PartList

Exceptional effort has been made to make the LIV Series immune to overload conditions. The short circuit current is: Further, improvements are made in performance over older datashewt. Usually, a 5 mA programming current is sufficient; however, worst case minimum load for commercial grade datashee requires a minimum load of 10 mA.

D1 1N protects Q 2 from base-emitter breakdown. Inter- nal current limiting protects against momentary faults while thermal shutdown prevents junction temperatures from exceeding safe limits during prolonged overloads.

As a result, more “iron” is needed to avoid core saturation. The table below summarizes the typical performance of the LM This is the slope of the safe area curves in Figure A3. The active circuitry reduces the dynamic impedance of the zener to about 0.

Transistor Q1 then lights the LED as a visual indication of full charge. Since there is a large variability between regulator types and manufacturers, there is no single solution to elimina- ting oscillations. The switch must be able to open and close under maximum load current which may be several amps. When the ground pin alone becomes disconnected, the output approaches the unregulated input, causing possible damage to other circuits connected to VrjUT- lf ground is reconnected with power “ON”, damage may also occur to the regula- tor.

Component Cross Reference List

This is a problem which is very difficult to analyze. LM Load Regulation Datassheet. First, there is the problem of the safe-area protection as mentioned earlier.


Short leads soldered to large area standoffs or printed circuit pads are definitely recommended. Another approach is to raise the ground terminal with a zener diode as illustrated in Figure 7.

Search the history of over billion web pages on dafasheet Internet. Operation of the LM down to OV output requires the addition of a negative supply so that the adjustment terminal can be driven to However, the extra power dissipated may cause heating of nearby com- ponents. Finally, since the unit is temperature stabilized, warm up time is fast.

Figure 9 shows the simplest configuration. For output capacitance in excess of uF, a high current diode from input to output 1N, etc. When the device shuts down, loading on the input is reduced. Load Regulation The LM1 1 7 is capable of providing extremely good load regulation but a few precautions are needed to obtain maximum performance.

Lm305 mounting where only one side is effective – multiply 7 by 0. LM precision reference general description The LM and LM family are datasheeh multi- current temperature compensated 6. The entire circuit less regulator fits easily on a one- inch square PC board. It may be determined from the nomogram of Figure 6. If possible, 2 wires should be connected to the output-1 for load current and 1 for resistor R1. Operating life decreases at high junction temperatures.

For “short circuit proof” Lm305hh regulated supplies using three-terminal regulators, an additional diode derating may have to be used.