‘An-al-Haq’ (I am the truth) – this statement would be the death of Mansur Al- Hallaj. A Sufi poet, teacher and philosopher, Hallaj was executed. 2 Poems by Mansur Al Hallaj. By Mahmoud Mostafa. Islamic_Mystic_al_Hallaj Underlying his fearsome courage was a beautiful tenderness that was forgiving. To this I am now adding this sad and gruesome account of the martyrdom of Mansur al-Hallaj, which I constructed and pieced together from a.

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He was first punched in the face by his executioner, then lashed until unconscious, and then decapitated [11] [12] or hanged. Mansur al-Hallaj Mansur al-Hallaj AD – the most controversial of all the Sufi saints – was gruesomely executed at the age of fifty-five for repeatedly proclaiming the heretical words, “I am the truth Anal-Haq.

Shahid Ashraf Nov 10, Sign in New Customer? His deep spirituality was expressed in the most exquisitely poetic way that at the same time is filled with powerfully raw and naked power.

The new Cambridge history of Islam, Volume 4 1. Then they severed his ears and nose.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How ever Shariah Jurisdictions do apply to such people. Views Read Edit View history. Tell me, upon my life, you who are my hearing and my seeing, Why this going back and forth in my farness and exile?


Opinion was divided against him and it is said that he was driven out of fifty Islamic cities for his heretical proclamations of ‘I am the Truth’. As the blood spurted out from his wrists it was seen to form the words ‘I am the Truth’ Anal-Haq as it poured onto the wooden boards of the scaffold. The play seems quite fascinating.

This is not a grief, or a joy, Not a judging state, Not an elation, or a sadness.

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Even if you gain but a mansooor particle of it, it is more precious that all of the virtuous deeds of angels and men. You are what I hoped for!

On the day of Hallaj’s execution a Sufi saint spent the night in prayer under the scaffold. Between you and me is an I-ness interfering with me Take away then with your I-ness my I-ness from between us!

Al-Ḥallāj | Islamic mystic |

Once, when he was in Baghdad, Hallaj asked a number of controversial doctrinal questions to the Sufi master, Jonaid. The story of Hallaj 10th November Dawn.

From Mecca he returned to Baghdad, and it was at this time that a group of orthodox theologians petitioned the Caliph of Baghdad with a charge of heresy against Hallaj. University of Notre Dame Press. If I am a heretic, then please increase my heresy. The time has come for his death. Pakistan has a side that can be sublime? And I say to them: Hallaj’s last words were, “The Love of the One separates you from all others.


What more could human beings possibly want? Such a statement was highly inappropriate in the view of most Muslims.

2 Poems by Mansur Al Hallaj – Baraka Institute

Hallaj’s tormented body was left to bleed as he merged slowly into death. Hussein ibn Mansur was born in the second half of the 9 th century in Persia. But instead of giving an answer Jonaid said, “There will come a time when you will stain a piece of wood red,” – implying that Hallaj would ultimately be executed.

Namara inscription Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions. In Mecca he made a vow to remain for one year in the courtyard of the sanctuary in fasting and total silence. You are the life of my soul! Al Hallaj often expressed his understanding of Oneness in paradoxical and beautifully poetic ways. After returning to his family in Baghdad, al-Hallaj began making proclamations that manskor popular emotion and caused anxiety among the educated classes. During his adolescence c.